Red Spot on Projector

floridajaneMarch 3, 2006

A red circle appears on the center of the screen now when we watch a b&w movie on the projector. Is this a stuck pixel, as another poster mentioned? Can we fix this?

Any thoughts?


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Oops-- scratch that first post. I know this isn't a stuck pixel, actually, since it takes up about 20 percent of the screen. Looks more like a circular red tint on the screen with the picture showing through more than anything. Surely the circle is there all the time, but of course it's very obvious on black and white movies. Okay, now that I've straightened my question out, does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

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What kind of projector? What kind and size of screen? How far back is the projector from the screen?

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We have a Sharp 800 x 600 LCD projector. The screen is a high-contrast gray 6 ft. diagonal; it was an e-bay special that we bought a few years ago, so I don't remember what make it is. The projector sits about 11 feet back from the screen and rests on a coffee table. We can't find any way to remedy this tint spot, so any ideas you might have would be great! Thanks, schindo!

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Could be a dust blob on the red lcd panel.Do a Google search on LCD dust blob and there is a hit on a Sony that actually shows what it looks like on a blue panel I believe. If that is what you see except red then you will probably have to blow out the panels under the air filter with canned air.

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My first thought. Try changing out the high contrast grey. Try the projector on a white "flat" surface and see if that helps first before you take apart your projector.

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We were thinking dust blob too, so we blew some canned air in and indeed it looks like that did the least for the blob. We checked with a black and white movie, and the edges of the picture were yellow. Maybe this was the movie itself (I hope) or the projector is trying to keep us guessing. I'll try using a white surface-- great idea for getting a true picture of where the colors are showing up.


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