Parquet out?

xand83July 1, 2011

It's getting time to re-floor the back of the house. It will only be for 2 bedrooms & a hallway, about 450 sq ft, in a 1k sq ft basement condo. Carpet was back there originally (and was gross) so we installed some temporary resilient vinyl planks last year with some heavy duty glue.

The front part of the house is 9x9 Bruce parquet, that is in great shape. I'm not sure it can still be found now as all I can find is this 6x6 parquet variety. Question is: Is parquet still a good choice? We've enjoyed the stuff in the living/dining rooms, but would it be looked at with disdain by others? I think I might like it checkered like this sample:

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Your floor looks like the old Heritage Wood Block, which is not being made anymore. do a google search and you may find someone with some left-over inventory.
Good Luck

(ps: I love parquet flooring)

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Hey you can ceheck here for parquet in BIH.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parketi BiH

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Thanks for the help everyone. We ended up going with the Novalis vinyl planks in the golden oak color. They are looking great so far and our un-even subfloor is taking them much easier than any hardwood.

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