Some bad news today...

netshoundJune 10, 2006

My friends 18 year old son died in his sleep yesturday. They found him in the morning. They have no idea what happened. It just seems like more of this freaky stuff happens now-a-days. Or is it that now that I'm older I pay attention more and it has always happened thru the years. I don't know. I just feel horrible, it was her only child and they were in-seperable. Just needed to get it out I guess...thanks for listening.

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I can't imagine the shock and pain of finding your 18 yr. old has died in his sleep. I'm sure an autopsy will be performed to give them some clue as to his cause of death, but sadly, it won't ease their pain any. I hope they have close family and many friends like you who will rally round to lend them support in their grief. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

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That's just devastating news, life's cruelest blow. My heart aches for your friend and for you too because I know you feel the pain also.

There is another thread here "words of comfort" which gives a few thoughts about how to help someone grieving. At this point I wouldn't even say your friend is griveing yet; she's just in emotional shock.

I'm so very sorry. She's lucky to have a caring friend like you.

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Oh, how horrible. I'm so very sorry for your friend, her son and their family. This must be so devastating.
As Socks said, she probably won't feel grief for awhile. Right now, she is probably in deep shock. She will definitely need you later, though. I will remember them in my prayers. I'm so sorry.

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