Can someone help with this diagnosis?

PhoenixRainFebruary 25, 2007

this is an MRI finding on my daughter:

Right maxillary and ethmoid sinus disease.

Opacification of right maxillary sinuses and

Right ethmoid sinus consistent with sinus disease.

She has an appointment with her doc, but I would like to know if anyone knows about this condition or are they going to say,,, its nothing. I also read about Optical Nerve Blindness associated with these two sinsus.


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There is one thing that you can count on, if it were a serious condition that needed immediate attention, she would have been seen the next day and not had to wait for an appointment time.

It sounds as if her right sinuses are not draining well. A lot of people have this problem. Sometimes it's just the way the bones of the sinus cavities are shaped. Sometimes it's just a polyp that is easily removed.

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I really hope its nothing. She has never complained about her sinus', she had the MRI because of seizures and we never thought something would come back about her sinus'. Atleast it is nothing about her brain. What i thought was funny is they sent us the results and not the doctor.
Thanks so much for the reply!! Makes me feel better that someone else thinks its ok.

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That is weird that they sent the report to you. It sounds like there was a mixup and the wrong address got on the envelope. Sometime clerks make mistakes. The doctor may have gotten a copy too. Be sure that she takes it with her just in case he didn't. It needs to be on her medical records.

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