jenniferwJune 29, 2005

I finally had a dream about my mom last night. I've been wanting that to happen for a while and it finally did. In the dream I was at a dentist's office and suddenly she was in the waiting room with me. We started talking and laughing like we used to. She had this cell phone that kept ringing. It was her husband (my stepfather, who kept her from us for quite some time) telling her to come home now. She was like WAIT. I'm with Jennifer now. I told her that I'm not too happy with Ralph (my SF) because he said that she left me the money by mistake and it was really his according to him. I said, Mom, you left me all of that $$!?! She smiled this beautiful smile and said yes, I know. All of a sudden she hugged me tight, told me how much she loves me and that I'd be well taken care of now and we both started to sob. After that we started to chat about her funeral and how weird and awful it was for me to see her in the casket and then all of a sudden that was it and I woke up crying. This was at 3:36 a.m. Needless to say, after that I had trouble falling back to sleep, but I'm happy that she finally came to me in a dream. She was SO real in the dream and I've been shaken by this all day. There were several times I almost broke down in tears at work.

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