wireless home theatre recommendations

jasper_60103March 8, 2006

Looking for some wireless home theatre recommendations.

I definitely need wireless (static free) rear speakers.

Any good systems under $1000?

I found a couple systems in my search. Would like to hear some recommendations though.

1) Sony DAV-FX100W Wireless Home Theater Dream System

2) Samsung HT-WP38 DVD Home Theater System with USB Plug-and-play and Wireless Rear Channel



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Do understand that using a "wireless" speaker in your HT is going to involve making a significant compromise in audio fidelity ... I'm not saying don't do it, I just want to ensure you realize that it's far from ideal.

Sorry, I don't have any specific recommendations for you - although I do recall reading an article recently that mentioned Texas Instruments was exhibiting a new wireless receiver & speaker combo (the latter with built-in amplification) at CES2006.

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Yeah after doing some research I decided to go with a "wired" system. I rather deal with looking at a few wires than inferior performance. thanks,

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