TV Wall Bracket Help!

clagaMarch 6, 2010


I ordered a TV wall bracket on-line and it came with a parts list but "NO" installation instructions.

The mounting hardware are 1/4-20 lag bolts.

Does anyone know what size pilot hole I would drill into the wall studs to safely hold a 100 lbs. plasma tv?

It also came with plastic wall anchors, but I'd rather go into the wall studs with the bolts.


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I assume you mean lag "screws". You can eyeball the drill size for the pilot hole.
For 4 ea. screws each one would have to resist pullout and shearing force for 25#.

I'd be more concerned about having the TV appear level when it's mounted. You may have to "relocate" the holes by 1/32" increments to achieve this. I can help with a method for doing this.

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Thanks youmust,
the help would be appreciated

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