help.. fibroids!

vieja_gwFebruary 22, 2013

A female relative who is 39 has internal uterine fibroids & the Dr. suggests surgery & maybe a hysterectomy. She has hopes for a pregnancy but has been told the surgery to remove just the fibroids is not usually successful & may lead to infertility anway. Has anyone had this problem & had a successful outcome (fibroid removel w/o a hysterectomy) & subsequent pregnancy?

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Gosh I think she needs a second opinion. Fibroids can be removed, and depending on where they are located (inside the uterus, inside the uterine wall, or outside the uterine wall), and how large or fast-growing they are, different methods are used for removal. An MD just saying your uterus has to be removed just doesn't cut it. She has options and should seek a second opinion. Definitely, especially if she would like to have children.

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There are also ways to shrink fibroids. So she should perhaps look into this before considering something drastic as removing the uterus all together. Her situation might be different though or the fibroids could be situated all throughout the lining of her uterus so it would be hard to try to give advice based on what someone else has gone through. Everybody's situation is different...

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I myself had endometriosis for many years that hadn't been diagnosed til I was in my 30's (that was YEARS ago!) so surgery to put everything back in proper position was successful & had a successful pregnancy even back then. Yes, it can be so confusing when different doctors give different opinions & advise!

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has anyone tried Fibrovan for fibroids & what were your results?

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My daughter had fibroids and the doctor held off the operation until she had a baby.They want you to have at least one baby. I had the same operation after I had my baby.If at all possible they will hold off because they believe in life.Fibroids are not cancerous they just cause a lot of bleeding during your period.I had the operation when I was 29 and now I am 83.No problem.

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goldy: This woman has internal fibroids that the doctors feel would be a risk if she got pregnant & because of the large fibroids causing so much trouble every month she probably can't get pregnant anyway with them inside & if she did she probably couldn't carry a baby to term. She is trying alternative medicine with no success. Surgery to remove them might cause infertility also if the uterine lining is destroyed. So sad! Glad your experiences turned out well & that was so many years ago & fewer options then!

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