dilly dally -- QUESTION!!!!!

datura-07March 29, 2009

You tried to help me find comforters for my quest rooms weeks ago. I have been looking every since I last posted in January. I'm on vacation now in Florida - thought I should be able to find something tropical down here. Nothing so far.

HAve a questions about the pictures you posted.


Were these out of a magazine? I really like the the solid comforter. I have searched every on line site possible and haven't seen anything like those. I could get some really neat pillows to add a wow to it. I HAVE TO HAVE that bed skirt. ( may stop in Atlanta on the way home and look for fabric like that). And, like you said, that other one is so cheery. I'd like both of them (I have two rooms to decorate). I'm kind of off the animal print theme but if I can't find anything - I'll order the first one that Oceanna posted - I did find that on-line. I'd rather be able to feel the fabric first. Animal prints are all over down here.

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Sorry everyone. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find this post in the home decorating forum. I'll post over there.

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