ONSIA speakers

medmissMarch 30, 2008

I am interested in "in-frame" Onsia speakers and wondered what others have exerperienced with them?

Thanks medmiss

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To answer your question, we just installed them over the weekend. I'll keep you in suspense until the end. The most DIFFICULT portion of the installation was trying to get the speaker wires down through the insulated outer wall to where the speakers were going in our bedroom. I had to break down and finally buy an electricians snake and that made it so easy a caveman could do it.

Our bedroom is 18 feel long and we just bought the top of the line Sony 46" LCD TV. We were turning the sound up to 50% to hear it. Something had to be done. I am NOT a firm believer in displays as being true to reality. We bought 701 BOSE speakers because they sounded beyond belief in the showroom (you could hear stereo separation no matter where you stood). I am still after 10 years of owning them, looking for that "sweet spot" where the sound is perfect. Bearing this in mind, I didn't expect much from these Onsia speakers. Lowes has ALL the speakers working no matter which ones you choose to listen to, so you think they all sound great but in reality all are working together on each demo setting.

We put two in the wall behind our bed. After installing them Saturday, we put on some plaster and let it dry and slept on the floor. Yesterday (Sunday) we finished up the plastering and put the room back together. Then went out while the porridge cooled and the plaster dried. Later when we got home, we climbed into bed and put in the movie Ratatouille (sp?), to see how everything sounded. In the beginning there is rain and wind and thunder along with the rustling of the rats. Everything was CRYSTAL CLEAR. When they climbed on the roof to use the chimney to cook, there was a bolt of lightning and a crack of thunder that nearly made us jump out of bed!!! With the volume adjusted on the stereo receiver/amplifier set to about 30% the television volume only has to be turned to about 10% and the sound out of the speakers are loud and clear.

I went to a video channel, yes they still exist where they play just music videos and waited until a video came on that was one of the songs in our CD collection. I turned the volume up and noticed the video sounds as good as it does on the CD downstairs with the 701 BOSE speakers.

In the end, I thought about this project for three weeks. I decided I did NOT want to see speakers in our bedroom nor did I want to see wires. I figured a decent pair of small speakers would cost me at least as much as these cost and I would have to look at them which I did not want to do. Things to beware: The in wall speakers can handle 50 Watts, the picture frame and ceiling speakers are rated at only 25 watts. Onsia guarantees you can NOT blow these speakers and states that they should last a lifetime. The other caveat is that the openings will be BIGGER than you expect. Close to a 32" x 32" opening, plan accordingly.

I am a HAPPY Onsia customer!!! Thanks Onsia for making a great solution to my problem.

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Hi boo,

I work for ACP, the manufacturer of Onsia. I'd love to talk with you about your recent installation. Please contact me when you have a chance at 920-886-6754 or dblurton@acpideas.com.

Thanks - Dave

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