She FINALLY Came To Me In A Dream!!

jenniferwJune 29, 2005

I finally had a dream about my mom last night. I've been wanting that to happen for a while and it finally did. In the dream I was at a dentist's office and suddenly she was in the waiting room with me. We started talking and laughing like we used to. She had this cell phone that kept ringing. It was my a**hole stepfather telling her to come home now. She was like WAIT. I'm with Jennifer now. I told her that I'm not too happy with Ralph (my SF) because he said that she left me the money by mistake and it was really his according to him. I said, Mom, you left me all of that $$!?! She smiled this beautiful smile and said yes, I know. All of a sudden she hugged me tight, told me how much she loves me and that I'd be well taken care of now and we both started to sob. After that we started to chat about her funeral and how weird and awful it was for me to see her in the casket and then all of a sudden that was it and I woke up crying. This was at 3:36 a.m. Needless to say, after that I had trouble falling back to sleep, but I'm happy that she finally came to me in a dream. It was SO real and I've been shaken by it all day long. I was almost in tears several times today at work thinking about how real she was in the dream.

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I am so happy for you. When my mom came to me in a dream, it made a real difference to me and I really felt like she was around watching out for me.

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That's wonderful, Jennifer! Without a doubt that was a visit from your mom.


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Oh, Jennifer...that is great! Your mom is not gone. Her spirit is very much alive. Our bodies are only a shell. I hope that helps you move on and live life. Your friend, Duane

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It will soon be 2 weeks since Mom left us. In thinking back to last to the last 14 days of her life I can see all the blessings even though it was so painful to see her body leave us....I know she could hear us tell her how much we all loved was a blessing for all 6 of her grandaughter to be here and help take care of her and she could hear her 11 great-grand-babies outside playing and being happy to be together. Mom had alz. for 9 years and on a Fri. morning she woke up with the biggest smile I have seen in 9 years...Mom and Dad have lived in an apt. in our house for 10 years and I have been helping take care of her...anyway to make a long story short....Mom acted like she knew us....she said she loved us when we told her....but the most beautiful blessing was that she said my Dad's name 2 times that day...first time in 5 years....he was so happy...they have been married 68 years....God allowed us this precious time with my Mom....maybe he will allow me to have Mom come to me in a dream....I miss her so much. Blessings, Nora

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Jennifer, that is wonderful!! I want a visit from my mom so badly. I know it will come, though.
Nora, I can relate to your mom being more lucid the day she died. My mom (who had Alzheimer's) was also the morning she passed away. What blessings we recieved!
My mom's last words to me was, "I see all you do for me".
Thank you, Mom.
What a gift, huh?

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Lu, We did recieve a gift from God. He is all powerful. I would like to share with you another blessing I recieved. My pastor came to visit while Mom was dying...we sat beside her bed and talked. I told him that I had prayed and ask to be with Mom when she took her last breath...our journey together had been a long one...(I was thinking about the time we had with her having alz.) He said that he hoped and prayed that the Lord would honor that prayer. He did....I was with her. At the visitation he came and I told him that God had been faithful and I had been with Mom. He smiled and touched my face and said..."As she was there when you took your first breath." I can't explain the comfort and peace I recieved with him telling me that. Mom and I loved each other for "57" years....our journey together here on earth is complete....she is waiting for all of day we will be together again. Praise the Lord. Blessings, Nora

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Nora, that is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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I think my mother came to "visit" me again in my dream today. Some one here said that a "visit" is when you're aware they are gone while dreaming. I was aware today.

This time we were on the 2nd floor of our house about to head downstairs. We had just exited my parent's master bedroom. No idea why. Then there was my mother. Just walked out of the room again with a big smile. She's always smiling in these "visits". Then I turned to my dad and said something like "How can this be?". And my dad replies "Shhhh!! I know she is dead". Then the dream ends. Always a quick dream. And at this same time in the morning. :)

Can any one comment on why they believe spirits visit them in dreams? I just wonder if we just miss our love ones so much we will them into our dreams. Though, I do admit that these "visits" do seem a bit coincidental. And that believing we can be visited is a nice thing to hold onto.

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Andrew, I believe it is primarily to comfort us. I think many spirits are strongly motivated to get the message to us that they didn't "die." They simply moved to another plane, where they are very much alive.

I also think they derive great joy from being able to connect in whatever way possible with those whom they love.


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Hello Susan,

I can understand that line of thinking. And not to rain on any one's perade but again how can we say that when we do see them in our dreams and that it is a "visit" (as definined by another member of this forum) that it's really their spirit? And not a figment of our imaginations.

I can see how believing we ARE being "visited" is comforting. But, I just wished there was some kind of reasoning that could prove beyond a shadow of doubt that it is for real. Even some kind of reasoning that could hint...

I mean before my mother passed away I would say I was totally a non-believer. But my dog has barked toward a wall in the kitchen a few times when there was no one there. In the same direction towards the same wall. I don't know if there was a sound outside the house that only he could hear. I certainly didn't hear a thing. Was my mother's spirit standing in the kitchen? (shrug)

Instances like that makes me wonder...perhaps we really can be visited by spirits? Some believe dogs and small kids can sense spirits...but this is talk...more "he said she said".

When I'm "visited" the dreams are always very short in duration, the same time in the morning and seemed very real. Almost "tangible" even. In most of these "visits" when I touched my mother it "felt" too real. Could "feel" flesh/bone. Fabric of the clothing. It's sort of creepy when I think about it. But in a good way. :)

Are those dreams of mine just a figment of my imagination? Hmmmmm...

Once again, I'm not saying these things to stomp on any one's beliefs. I guess I need a little more convincing. :) My dad definitely isn't a believer. He's a very "practical" man.

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I'm not the one to convince you, Andrew. I suggest you do some reading on the subjectÂsomething I've been doing since my teens. But even when presented with countless accounts of empirical evidence, you're not going to find proof "beyond a shadow of doubt." There has to be a certain leap of faith, no matter how small.

The other thing you could do is just accept the dreams/visits for what they are, however you define them.


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Hello Susan,

Thanks for your words. I sort of figured that was how it went. That we'd just either have to believe it by taking that leap of faith as you put it. Or not. To each his/her own. Besides, as I said, it doesn't hurt to hold onto such an idea if it helps us feel better. :)

As I mentioned, my "visits" seem so much more "real" than my other dreams. Tangible. I get more of a sense I'm actually there as is my mother. And they are always short in duration and happen at around the same time of the morning.

Any how, enjoy your dream "visits" and keep on sharing your stories! :)

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I've just been reading a book written by a doctor who is investigating the reality of people who experience "visits" by loved ones who have died. In my opinion, they are very real. After all, electricity dissapates but does not disappear, and after all, isn't our consciousness electro-chemical in nature? Why is it so hard to imagine that our loved ones are on a plane where what they have is the electrical energy, and thus, use it to communicate with us. How many people have reported having lights or electrical appliances go on or off, and the distinct feeling the loved one is at the core of the activity? Is this so far out in left field that we can't accept it? I do. There is also research into the area of the brain we don't use very much of. It has been suggested that this is the area that is used by people who can detect auras. Auras have been documented by electro-mechanical devices, and photographed using a form of x-ray. We do emit a magnetic field around out entire bodies, is it the "spirit" part of us, and this is what remains after our bodies die? Think about it. My mom and dad came to me in a dream together, 2 weeks after my mom's death, very real, almost "tangible" dream. But the message I received from this dream was that they were together, and happy. I drew a great deal of comfort from this. If it was their "spirit" letting me know they were happy, together again, then all I can say is, "Thank God"

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Hello CarolsSis,

Thank you for your words! That was the sort of "confirmation" I was hoping to hear. The reasoning sounds moreless plausible. Perhaps you could give us the name of this book. I'd be very interested in reading it.

For now, I'll hold onto the believe that my "visits" have been "real". As they have been the most vivid. Tangible. And as I've said...they all take place during the same time of the day and are short in duration. Coincidence? (shrug)

What I get from my "visits" is that my mother is very happy. Haven't heard her speak to me yet during any of the "visits" yet. Or have I? Forget. Have any of your love ones spoken to you during your "visits"? Curious.

Before I mother's name was Caroline. Seems like a wild and suprising coincidence. :) Could she possibly be using you to assure me she has indeed been visiting me? I'm a believer in fate. Hmmmm... (shrug, grin)

Take care! :)

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CarolSis, what is the name of the book you are reading? It sounds like something I'd like to read.

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I have read "Life After Life" by Dr. Raymond Moody which is excellent. There are many out there, but I particularly enjoyed this one.

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Hello all,

I just had another "visit" this morning. At roughly the same time. Just before I woke. If not a little earlier. Any how, this time we were seated at the kitchen table. Sun was shining bright. You could see rays of bright white light peering into the window beside the kitchen table.

We were talking. What about I forget. Just remembered ending it with "Toffee can see you..." (Toffee is our 7 year old Shih Tsu) and then putting my hand again on her forearm.

What struck me about this dream was not only could I feel her arm (flesh on bone) and the "good feeling" I had as I was talking to her. But, I was able to think of the words I wanted to say and say them to her this time. Other "visits" she was just there walking around with a smile.

I've had other dreams where I could "consciously" think of what I wanted to say it.

The "visits" seem so much more real than other dreams. Maybe I am taking that "leap of faith" more and more...certainly, it duesn't hurt to do so...and does give me a good feeling afterwards believing this is "for real".

Lulie, thanks for the book recommendation...I'll definitely look into it...

Have a good week everyone! :)

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It's weird. I've had 2 dreams about my mom, but neither were anything like the first. The first was a "visit". The second 2 were dreams. I know this by how I feel when I wake up. Dreams are dreams. Visits are something completely different and more special than anything.

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Jennifer, that's been my experience, too. The visits are unmistakable.


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I am glad you found so much comfort. I am a Grief Counselor and very spiritual and open-minded. In July I had a private session with famed psychic Gg. Anderson, where two close family members came through with such incredible detail and facts that I have no doubt they were there. My grandmother has in prior years "visited" me, as she promised she would. And when I lost my best friend and a soulmate to suicide 2 1/2 years ago, he visited and tugged on the pendant I once gave him as a gift, but received back after his physical death. KEEP THE FAITH! Our loved ones ARE around us, I have NO DOUBT - and losing the doubts brings immeasurable comfort.

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