Anyone using Byetta?

devorahFebruary 27, 2007

My doctor is talking about adding this to all the other prescriptions I take. Does anybody have any experience with this? I suspect the price will be horrendous. My insurance company is covering fewer and fewer products and I am pretty sure it won't pay for this one. My prescription for Micardis is no longer covered, but I am unwilling to give it up since it actually works to bring my blood pressure down.

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Okay, guess not. Bumping this down

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My husband has been using Byetta for about a year. He is Type II and has been for about 10 years. About a year ago, his Dr. wanted him to try the Byetta pen and it has worked so well for him. (Dr. said people seem to either do very well on it or cannot tolerate it, so he is one of the fortunate ones.) He takes a shot (very small needle) before breakfast and before dinner. The good thing is that he has cut out some of the other oral medications he had been taking. For him, it has been a great success in helping to control his diabetes. If you have specific questions, let me know. Jeanie

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Thank you Jeanie. I don't see my Dr. again until April so I am not sure what he will decide. I am pretty certain that my insurance won't pay for this. Does your husband's?

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Devorah, we have a 50/50 copay on our prescriptions so our insurance does pay half. It is about $200 for a month, so we are out about $100 a month for his Byetta, but since it is working so well for him, it is worth it.
He has always had to keep it refrigerated, but we received a notice from Byetta last week that their new tests have shown that once it is opened, it is OK to leave it out up to 77 degrees, which will make it much handier when going out to dinner, etc.
Please post again after seeing your Dr. next month.

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