A comforting sign from my dad

julee_annJune 14, 2004

I come from a family of 10 children with me being the youngest. My dad was 87 when he passed away from pancreatic cancer. He was the first of our immediate family that we had lost(almost a hundred of us). He was always our rock- man of few words but someone you could count on when we needed him. He had passed on May 14th and 5 weeks later my 22 year old daughter was killed in a car accident. To lose my dad was so hard but we knew he was finally out of pain but to lose my daughter was devasting and still is. It was just a few days after we had buried my daughter that my sister and younger daughter and I were at my moms house. The kids would always go straight to the tv room but for some reason I found my daughter in the living room sitting on the couch. When I walked in she said "mom it smells like grandpa." The couch was always my dads favorite spot. I had noticed the skoals smell when I walked in,then my sister came in and commented on the strong skoals smell. The smell grew stronger and stronger and we were all speechless. After about 10 minutes we walked out of the room and when I went back in the smell was gone. What happened there is the only thing I think that saved me from losing my mind with grief. I knew that dad was letting us know that he and Lindsey were together and were okay. Sometimes I doubt myself about what happened and my sister and daughter reasure me that it did happen. Has anyone else had any signs from there loved ones? Julie

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Well my fiancee of 12 years passed away April 17th of this year.Anyway we love hummingbirds but they never usually come untill May. But I saw my first hummer of the year on April 27th a male. His sister and my daughter think it was a sign from him that he's okay. I don't know I think his daughter thinks I am cukoo! Anyway we used to sit on the porch and watch them every summer on occasion one would come in the porch and fortunatly fly out again. Well one afternoon when I came home my daughter was screaming mom come quick there's a hummer stuck on the porch and Amanda (her friend) and I held it and took a picture of it. Well it didn't move it looked asleep or dead. so I ran out and got a small feeder full of sugarwater and he drank so much I was shocked! Then he flew off. The girls swear it was Bert's spirit! Who knows? Sarah

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Yes, I have had many. I'll tell one now.
It happened on my birthday, October 13, the first birthday without my daughter, Christin. I woke up and was getting ready to go out to the cemetery. I had wanted to go with some friends to Conner's, Georgia for a pilgrimage, but it didn't work out. I was talking to God and Christin and told them that I knew that I could get a sign right here in my little town if they wanted me to have one. I didn't have to go to another state to get one.
I went out to the cemetery and was talking to Christin at her grave. I was arranging her flowers and telling her that if she was happy in heaven that I wanted to see a beautiful monarch butterfly before I left the cemetery, just like what I saw the day she was buried at her grave. The moment I said that, I was removing my hands from the flowers and before I could even get them back in my lap a monarch butterfly lighted on the flowers. The shock almost knocked me over. I had not seen any butterflies at all in previous days.
I've had so many signs. I have even had two people tell me that Christin has appeared to them and helped them in a very desperate time of need. I'm still waiting for that, myself. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Christin Cosby Memorial Web Site

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Julee, I have no doubt that was a sign from your dad, and I'll bet he's glad you all picked it up.

My daughter has sent me many signs, and continues to do so. We've discussed signs in numerous threads on this forum. Here are links to some of them.

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Am I desperate?

More signs from my Mom

A little miracle

After the loss of a pet, a double comfort

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Hope these help.


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I married my Irish wife while she was working in Manchester in 1996. In 2000 we moved back to Ireland and stayed at her parental home until we built our own house. Now her parents had both died before we even started going out together and I had only seen them in photographs. At the time we were living with her brother and two sisters, and the cot for our 2 year old son was in our bedroom.

One night I awoke for no apparent reason, and saw my wife's father looking in at our son in his cot. Moments later he appeared to vanish through the wall. The cat saw him too, and started hissing.

This experience, although it rattled me a bit at the time, doesn't worry me now. I guess grandad just wanted to see the wee fella.

Now the 'wee fella' has his own room in our own dwelling, who knows how many times Grandad Carolan may have paid a visit without our knowledge?

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That's a wonderful story! I love the image of the grandfather watching over his grandson. Re the hissing cat, when my father died in hospital my parents' dog (a pug) stared at his bed at home and howled. He howled again hours after my mother died. And my dog, Angel, a briard, howled just one time in her life....some hours after my daughter Gillian died. The dog was downstairs. I was upstairs, on the phone, and I said, "Angel just saw Jill."


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My husband died 20 years ago, at the young age of 35. I always felt that he sent me signs such as my hearing "our" songs on the radio at a most appropriate time. However, when my Mom died 4 years ago, he appeared for just a brief instant, posed sideways as if in a "hurried" walk with his hand outstretched behind him. He said ..... "I've got her," and vanished as quickly as he appeared. He was extremely close to my Mom, and I feel he was telling me that all was well...not to worry. I will never forget that instantaneous vision. My three daughters and I always feel that he is guiding us through life. Blessings to everyone who has lost a loved one. ~~Pat

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Oh, Pat, that's such a marvelous experience--especially coming after all those years. Thank you for sharing it.


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Losing my little brother a month ago has been the hardest thing I've ever had to face. I wanted to kill myself, so I could avoid the pain and maybe even be with my brothers again. Within the first hours, driving over here, my mom asleep exhausted from crying all night, I myself crying and driving on the freeway with no sleep, I thought how likely and easy it would be to end it for us both. One movement of my hands into the opposite lane...

And then I heard his voice in my head. You know how you narrate to yourself... well Dan and I were full siblings and we had similar tonal qualities in our voices. His voice was like the masculine version of my own. It may have been my own ego trying to cope, but I don't think so. Because he had some very definite things to say. Perhaps I was crazy, but a very clear conversation took place in my head. I was very close to losing it when I heard his voice, crystal clear,

"Cari, just chill. Chill and relax.
You can't change what happened, and I'm *so sorry*.
You need to be strong for mom right now".

And I thought to him, "Dan? Is this real? Are you really speaking to me or am I imagining what i want to hear"?

"You and I had a special connection, Cari, and that's why you can hear me".

"Will I always be able to hear you? Will you always be with me like this"?

"I'll always be with you".

"Where are you"?

I got the impression of a smile, and the last clear words he spoke in my head. "I can't answer that".

And if I try to make it happen again, to imagine his voice, it's not the same, or he just says those same things over and over.

Now, his death rattled my already weak faith to the core. Since then I have been searching with all my heart for Jesus. I never felt spirituality in religion before, but now it is different. I have begged and prayed for the faith I need to believe that my brothers are together in Heaven, that Jesus saved them. I believe I have been given it through three strong signs. That was one of them.

The second one happened the next day, and it was so powerful that it erased all doubt about the continuity of the human soul. I received a... a vision, a halluciantion, whatever you want to call it. After the mortifying experience of identifying his body and seeing him like that, my mother and I were driving to the family's house, going out of our minds, and I began to scream at God. How could you take his young body, so healthy, and let it die? I can't believe I'll never see him alive again; no more smiling, no more sweating, no more hard muscles, no more beautiful brown eyes. How could you call yourself compassionate and/or loving? How can I even survive without seeing him again???????

And when we got out of the car, the door to the house was open... we were no more than 15 ft away. What we saw made the two of us stagger and practically drop to our knees. I remember having time to say "WTF???!!! Who IS that?"
Because there before us, it looked as if he was walking down the hallway in front of the open door. It didn't just look to be, I tell you, it WAS him, in the flesh. He had just gotten out of the shower. We saw one stride in that long legged lean way he had.... then he turned and faced us. He stood in the doorway for a good five seconds, sporting the biggest grin I'd ever seen, and waving at us. Smiling and waving.

Then my uncle snapped into focus. Now, if Dan had lived to middle age, he would have looked like my uncle. Both had dark hair and dark eyes. But when Ray snapped into focus for my mother and I, he wasn't smiling like that. Now way. Less than 48 hours since the accident, you people know that no one was smiling. He saw us staggering and immediately knew we had mistaken him for Danny. He came to us and said "If he can live through me in any way, I am honored". Without a word from us, he knew we had thought he was Dan.

He was Dan. We weren't that far away, and I know what I saw. The drops of water glistening on his white torso. The smile. My uncle is tan, and he wasn't smiling.

It must be hard tp bridge the gap between life and death, so I think this was... the only way, the only time that God could let us know that Dan continues on. He made sure that both me and my mom had the same hallucination or the same vision, whatever you want to call it, so we would know it's real and not just our grieving imaginations.

They continue on, and they are happy.

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CariJo, what a wonderful experience. How remarkable that the two of you saw it together. You must tell us if your brother comes to you in a dream. Dreams have given me some of my greatest comfort.


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the day my son was killed there were many signs...too many to even name---but by far, his "celebration" at a local church was amazing---I play music (as did he) and we were about to do an Eagles song called "Already Gone" ..."Im already Gone, and I'm Feeling strong, I will sing this victory song...
I was telling a story about how we watched the eagles on a dvd the day b4 he was killed .. songs we listened to? Already Gone, Hole in the World Tonight, really, im not kidding...I swear, he knew...so in the morning the day he died we were singing lyin eyes as he walked me to the car, kissed me and said "Love you Dad"...the last words I would ever hear him speak...at the church a week later for his funeral, it was all about the music...and the church in our small town had a waiting line to get in...600 people...I then said that there was a song that I was trying to think of all week and it would NOT come to me...so in my cabin, by myself, the day b4 the funeral, I am walking in a circle, yelling at the top of my lungs "WHAT FREAKIN SONG WERE WE SINGING ON THE WAY OUT TO THE CAR?!!"
I stopped cold...it literally, was flashing in front of my eyes...I fell to the floor...then, I kid u not, lyin eyes comes on the radio...but wait, there's more! The day of the funeral, we played already gone, then ended with "I'll Fly Away"...people pulled me aside as I was leaving the church, and said when u were playing "I'll Fly Away" there was an...EAGLE flying around the steeple...needless to say...whatever happens, I don't think it stops here

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