Bose Wave Radio

lographMarch 27, 2006

I'm thinking I'd like a Bose radio & CD player. Does anyone have one and are they really[url=],[/url] that much better than others.....maybe a Sony?

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Try the Cambridge Soundworks products.

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They are awsome...I bought one of the first ones to come out with and I use it more than my home stereo system...They are everything they say they are when it comes to sound and fills the room and other rooms as well when turned up....

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Read around on Bose before you spend any money on their products. Personally, I would never spend a penny on anything with the Bose name on it.

I don't personally have one, but from what I've read on HT forums, I'd second the Cambridge recomendation.

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My father had a pair of Bose 901's, back in the late 70's.

I have never been impressed by a Bose product. Seems like you either love them or hate them.

I like the Cambridge radio, probably because I don't like Bose. As with anything, go with what sounds best to you. But, come on, it is just a radio.

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er...there's a thread with the exact same topic name on this forum already, and on the first page at that - why would you start a new thread w/o reading thru at least the first page of this forum?

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