chloral hydrate..another name?

vieja_gwFebruary 9, 2007

years ago the pediatrician gave me chloral hydrate drops to give our infant son when he had painful earaches that woke him screaming middle of the night- to let him (and us) rest until morning when we could get him to the Dr. I know there was a common name for this drug but I can't remember it ... can anyone help me out? Just 'bugging' my memory to recall it! It was a prescription in a dropper bottle & we placed a few drops on his tongue.

Appreciate anyone recalling this name as it has been frustrating my husband & I trying to recall it! Only thing he could think of was 'knock-out drops'!

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I don't think that it has a brand name now. It's one of those generic drugs. And yes, it's the "knock out drop"

I can remember when my kids were little, the doctor would prescribe paragoric for the same thing or teething (this was a loooongg time ago) However, paragoric is liquid morphine and it was abused by so many adults that I think the pediatricians quit prescribing it for children.

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Thanks, Agnespuffin! Yes, we too used paragoric ( as I remember it, it was a licorice-like flavor, white liquid)for minor intestinal upsets/cramps. Unfortunately the abuse took a lot of useful drugs away. Cheracol w/codeine cough syrup was another one ... really stopped the coughing to let one sleep & was a counter narcotic: one we used to have to sign for but without a prescription.

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Chloral Hydrate is the generic name. I would not begin to guess what a brand name would be. It has been around so long. And I can't imagine a pediatrician prescribing it these days due to a more letigious society.

How long has Chloral Hydrate been around and abused? Hank Williams(that is senior not junior) had levels of this in his system when he died. More recently Anna Nicole had taken alot of this along with alot of other stuff. The only other name I can think of for it is old also... A Mickey Finn.

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I remember it as "knock-out drops" also. The pediatrician even advised us to soak gauze in whisky (!) & rub on his gums when teething for pain also ... & yes, that was 25 years ago!

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