My song for Emily:

tggrsmommyJune 23, 2004

I wrote this for Emily before she died. Just thought I'd share.

You Can't Have Her

By Jennifer Mangum

For so many years I waited for her

this beautiful girl you see

I wondered and dreamed how it would be to have her

Now that she's here it seems

she's suffered so much

before she could live

this must all be a bad dream

You can't have her.

I won't give her up without a fight.

You can't have her.

I waited so long for this little girl

to come into my life

You can't have her

For all of this time I've sat beside her

watching her fight for her life

but through it all she seems so happy

surely you realize

how hard it has been

Cause you lost a son

You know how it feels

You can't have her

I won't give her up without a fight

you can't have her

I waited so long for this little girl

to come into my life

! You can't have her.

I did finish this on her website, but it's not there? Oh, well. I'll have to try again later.

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It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us!

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I can only imagine the pain that you have had in having to watch Emily slowly leave you and then lose the battle in the end. I'm so sorry.
They say that our children are only loaned to us and we have to give them back when HE is ready, but it is so hard to have a child so precious and then have to relinquish him/her without a fight after knowing the joy that they bring. The pain is so deep. I can feel your pain through your poem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Precious Child

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Where is her website?

I feel for you so much, losing one so young, before she even had a chance to be aware of herself or her suffering...

I often feel very bitter that my brothers died so young (23 and 17), but you make me realize that I should be *so thankful* to have had that many years with them, to get to know them for the young men they were.

Another thought about young death I've had is this... 17 years... or 80 years... or 18 months... compared with eternity, all of these lifespans are pretty short.

Your song is beautiful... writing especially poetry and music is a really good way to express these things... when we die there will be something left, a testament taht we felt this, we endured this.

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