Post Nasal Drip

anna1029February 23, 2007

My son was diagnosed with Post Nasal Drip. He is 2.5 yrs old. I've never heard of this before. The pediatrician prescribed antibiotics for 2 weeks. My son is absolutely miserable. He is refusing to eat, and this has been going on for 6 days now. Could this be really making him feel that bad? How long does this last? Thank you in advance for any help and advice.

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To put it simply..... his little nose is stopped up and it's draining down into his throat instead of running out of his nose. His throat may be sore from this, but it interfers with his breathing and his eating. He feels terrible because he can't breathe as he should and he's not old enough to figure out what to do. Food tastes yucky.

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Thank you for the response. I guess, I just have to wait for this thing to go away, so he can be back to normal.

Thank you again

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That's about it. Wait. However, the doctor must think that there is a bit of infection in his sinus area or else he wouldn't have given him antibiotics.

You don't say in what area you live, but this time of year in some parts of the country, the trees have already started dumping loads of pollen in the air. Small children that are developing allergies are beginning to experience a lot of drippy noses. So if you are in such an area, and this keeps up, ask your doctor what he thinks about the possibilty of some kind of allergen bothering him.

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The doctor says that it's from an infection. We live in NY and to tell you the truth, I've never had this problem and can't really say if it's allergies. The doctor did tell us to make sure we use humidifiers when he is sleeping.

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Yep, it's some infection. Your MD doesn't want it to infect his tonsils. Some kids just seem to have a nose that's built to drain that way. It takes forever to get over a cold. I had one. It seemed as if he stayed sick for the longest. The other two had the horrid snotty drippy runny nose. But they seemed to get over a cold quicker.

I sure hope the humidifier helps. Good Luck!

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Thank you for all the well wishes. I really do hope that this goes away soon. It's heartbreaking to watch him go through this.

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