anyone knows if color enhanced oranges are safe to eat ?

mimismomFebruary 3, 2009

Just wondering all those 'sweet oranges' with color added plus insecticides sprayed on...they are so called FDA approved, but are they safe & do the manufacturers truly abide by the guidelines ? I've been feeding the family fresh oranges instead of O.J. just to cut down sugar.

Anyclue anybody please ?

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Color enhanced oranges? Never heard of that. Who knows if they are safe? Who knows what guidelines are followed on produce in Mexico, Chile and other places?

In my opinion, the best way to go is organic. But it is more expensive (I cannot afford organic.)

At least oranges have a peeling you don't eat. You are right to serve oranges rather than juice. The whole orange and accompanying fiber is healthier.

So I haven't answered your question, but I do share your concerns.

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socks12345..I can't afford organic anything ever. I lived in NY, bought oranges that's from Florida with the label..
Pride Fxxm, that got the 2 words ' color enhanced ' on it.
It also has pesticides' names on it. Googled searching got me more nervous.
Your are right, peel it off, as for grapes that I buy, I immerse them in water for 10mins to rid off any pesticides that's on the 'skin'
With that peanut butter scare, I don't trust the FDA to protect us but ourselves from now on.

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This might come down to a matter of your personal choice, we can only make our decisions on the information given us and the FDA says the dye (on many if not most oranges grown in Florida) is safe partly because it doesn't penetrate the skin/peel.

If you were going to grate the peel for recipes, or were making something like a marmalade, I've seen it recommended that you buy California oranges which are naturally orange in color - something to do with heat and humidity differences accounting for the color.

I'd just as soon buy a green colored orange that tasted good if I had the choice, but apparently they don't compete well on the market in their natural color so aren't presented to the buying public that way - consumers expect orange oranges :)

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Mimismom--I'm in CA and I don't think I've ever seen a FL orange here.

You can google "food pesticides" and come up with a list of the most pesticide laden foods. I think peaches and strawberries are the highest with onions on the low end.

Always wash produce carefully. The skin on most fruits is very healthy to eat, but you can peel it off apples and peaches in the hope that it might help.

You might watch at your market to see when/if the organic stuff is marked down. I know it is expensive, and I rarely buy it myself. Perhaps you could occasionally purchase certain produce items from the organic section, and that would give you some peace of mind.

We have Safeway/Vons markets here, and they have developed a line of organic foods. Maybe one of your markets has the same.

Do you have farmers' markets in NY in the spring/summer/fall? You might get safer produce there. You could even buy some things and freeze them.

Do you garden? You could plant some veggies in the summer to freeze (tomatoes come to mind).

I suspect you are a mom trying to do your best for your children. I know it's worrisome.


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