Life after a death

monica_paJune 5, 2005

Three years ago tomorrow, my dear husband died in my arms. I'm getting used to the fact that this date will be a nostalgic one for me the rest of my life.

For a year, I plodded through...soon realizing that, as other family members went back to their lives and futures, my life and future were gone.

Before the cancer diagnosis, we were getting ready to retire. After years of planning, we were "this close" to the retirement life we had planned.

Shortly after the first anniversary...I decided to not just live today, but also tomorrow. I built a new life, met new friends. Planned for a new future.

Last year, I met a wonderful man who had also lost his spouse to cancer. We are having great time, enjoying companionship and a lot of fun doing things as a couple.

Now...on this third anniversary, I can honestly say that life is good. It's a new life, a slightly different life, and a different future.

I'm here to tell those who have lost a spouse that changing your life, living your own life is what life is all about.

Remember yesterday...but live today and for tomorrow.

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Hooray for you!!!! So very happy you were able to get past your loss. Too many people get trapped in the past and can't move on. Life is to be enjoyed and celebrated, no matter what gets thrown our way. My heartfelt wishes to you in your new life. May it be long and happy!!! - Ellen

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Hugs and loving thoughts go out to you, Monica! I'm proud of you and extremely happy for you! ((Monica))

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Hi Monica,

It was SO thoughtful of you to take time to share your upbeat message! I'm guessing someone else's day was a little bit brighter because you cared enough to write.

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So nice to hear words of encouragement! You are so very right.. Those of us who have lost very significant loved ones do still have a future which can be happy, though different. Life does go on.
Thank you for posting.

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