Is a wide interior door saddle/threshold appropriate?

cyndoJuly 26, 2009

We need to install a threshold in the doorway to our bedroom to cover an interuption in the floating floors that we are installing. I think I would prefer a wide and flat threshold that is as deep as the entire door jamb and stop to cover the expansion joints rather than using T-moulding. Is this done and would it look okay? We are going for an old house look and none of the thresholds I've seen look quite right, so maybe we'll make our own. Is this a bad idea?

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A wide threshold will look fine. The only decision is whether to use a beveled oak or a "hollywood" marble threshold. The latter has a double bevel and transitions equally from both directions....AKA a "Handicapped" threshold.

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Regardless of what saddle you choose there should still be an expansion gap left between the floating floor and the saddle. How are you going to cover that space without a transition trim? Use a square edge reducer (end cap) that would butt up to the saddle while still leaving the expansion underneath.

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Thanks for the suggestions,Lazarus and Jerry. I was able to see some old houses this weekend and I think I'll be okay with the standard beveled 4" threshold with a section of wood underneath, which basically would function like a super wide T-moulding. It looks a little lopsided being centered under the door itself but apparently that's how it's done and has been done for a long time. Now that I've seen it I think it looks reasonably acceptable.

But I also like the idea of using an appropriate board that is the width of the door frame with the reducer trim for the expansion areas on either side of the saddle. That would satisfy my desire for symmetry relative to the door frame. Luckily, I have a little bit of time to think about both of these ideas. Thanks again!

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