Anethesia-Flu-like Systems As a Side Effect?

scarab4lifeFebruary 8, 2009

I have been having some extensive dental work done over the past few months. For some reason, it takes several injections of anesthesia before my gums get numb. After each dental session, I feel so tired that I have to practically stay in bed all weekend. Also, my nasal passages feel congested.

Have any of you had this experience or are your gums very resistant to anesthesia?

Thanks for you input.

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The same thing used to happen to me. I now have the dentist use marcaine without epinephrine. What would happen to me was the epinephrine would get my adrenaline going so I was so hyped up. It was like it put my system on overload and when it wore off my body was so tired. My muscles felt so weak and I was shaky.
I just cannot have the epinephrine so I make sure they do not give me anything with it in it.
I don't have any problems now but it was sure awful till we figured it out.
It might be worth a try for you.
Dentists use the epinephrine because it helps with the bleeding, but to me it is just not an option.

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scarab- do you by chance smoke and what type of procedure are you getting done? I had to have a root canal done on a molar, at the time I was a smoker. The anesthesia was not as effective because I was a smoker so I required more injections and had to have some during the procedure.

But I also felt exhausted and congested for about 3 days after. I went 3 times for one root canal and it happened each time. Dentist explained that the congestion was a result of the procedure and because of the depth he had to go it was irritating the sinus cavity. He said some people have can have runny noses, bleeding, or congestion.

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I've never smoked in my life. I had a top bridge installed, and am in the process of having a lower bridge installed.

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