Question: Engineered oil finished white oak

kellyh_2010July 26, 2013

We are replacing our current hardwood - red oak- and really like the wide plank white oak. The one we like the best has an oil finish vs poly. The salesperson said it would be stronger than what we currently have because 1. the finish on engineered wood is much stronger than 1980s finished in place oak, 2. we could buff out scratches with the oil and 3. we could replace specific boards if there is a huge issue over time.

Does anyone have experience with this type of flooring? How hard is it to maintain? How has it held up? I currently vacuum a couple times a week and use a swifter as needed (which is often bc of dog hair).

The brand we like is D&M Flooring, Royal Collection.

We do have kids (9, 11) and a 75lb dog.

Thank you!

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We're looking at the same types of flooring (engineered plank oak with an oil finish) and have the same type of family (7,9 and large dog). Unfortunately, we have the same questions as you but I don't have any answers or experience. If anyone has put down this type of flooring and can give feedback, we'd love to hear it too.

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I just visited a customers house today where they have three large dogs. They have a 8" white oak plank that was lightly wire brushed, chemically treated to acheive the color, and two coats of hard wax oil applied. They have been installed for approximately three months. The hard wax oil is superior to a UV cured coating. The homeowner can touch up scratches as needed with additional oil. The coating really cannot be touched up.
Maintenance is vacuuming, occasional cleaning with proper cleaning solution, and touch up with oil.
With a minimum of 4MM to 6MM wear layer there is no difference between solid and engineered.

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