Surface Source vinyl plank flooring Anyone tried?

jjapplebyJuly 17, 2011

Has anyone tried Surface Source Vinyl plank flooring? Going to put plank vinyl down and trying to find what does best.

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My work takes me o a lot of nursing homes. Several have put down vinyl plank flooring in recent years. The one that did the best job at least made sure the substrate was flat and smooth. The flooring could almost fool you when it was new. In a few weeks or months, however, the flooring took on a shiny, greasy-looking finish. They really do look like greasy wood floors.

Another nursing home was not as careful with their substrate. Now that the floors have been walked on for a while, you can see the outline of circular drain or utility access plates underneath, and the "wood" makes me dizzy with the wavy up-and-down contour of the floor. Any other flooring choice would probably have been better here, the grain of the "wood" just emphasizes the problems.

So if you do get a vinyl "wood" floor, see if you can look at an installation that has been there at least several months. Do immaculate prep work on the sub-floor.

I wish I knew the names of these tiles, but they are not available to me.

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