Really Big LCD screen

haus_proudFebruary 2, 2009

We are considering getting a very large (60 inches or larger) LCD screen with top quality HD picture. I would appreciate comments from anyone who has bought a TV of that size. About 2 years ago, last time I looked into these very large screens, I got the impression that they were not yet perfected.

Another question: With wide screen (16 by 9 aspect) you often get heads chopped off. Will this problem be solved when they switch to digital broadcasting? If not, what can you do to eliminate that problem?

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standard def channels look like crap on large screens. always have and always will unless they are in wide screen format.

as to teh heads chopped off, your tv should have an aspect setting which will allow you to switch it to 4:3 mode when needed.

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We've had our 70" Sony SXRD XBR2 for 2 yrs now and still absolutely LOVE it. Beautiful picture, great TV. It's like our TV viewing went from black-and-white to color. HD is amazing!

Two years is a long time in electronic's world.....what was true or good 2 yrs ago might not be today. Good luck with your research.


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The current best and biggest flat panel LCD screens are the 55" Samsung 950 series and the 55" Sony XBR8 series . Sharp offers a 65" LCD , but nobody is calling the picture quality on that set anywhere near top quality with it's poor shadow detail . In flat panel screen sizes 60" or more plasma is still the way to go for best picture quality with Pioneer , Panasonic , and Samsung being the top rated models respectively .

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