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carrie630February 25, 2011

If a parent gives a child a check - for like say... $l0,000.00 and a few months later - or even a year later - the parent is very ill and needs hospitalization, or cancer treatment - or something that would cost a lot...

If the bills exceed the amount that the insurance has to pay - can someone demand that money back - that was given as a gift?

I've always wondered how that works as my parents are elderly and have sent checks to the children/grandchildren for generous amounts.

I know people are penalized if they have given money and then apply for Medicaid - but how does health insurance costs work if money runs out (from gift giving)?


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Insurance agrees to pay a certain amount, and ONLY that amount.

Anything over that amount is the responsibility of the patient.

Gifts would have no effect on the amount that Insurance was supposed to pay.

I suppose that if the patient could not pay easily, that they, or someone else in the family, could request that the children give it back. But it wouldn't be the insurance company.

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If it is in the child's name, I don't think you could get it back. The child could give it back, but I don't think you can take it back. If you can't pay medical bills, I don't think they can deny you service or force payment. If you sign a contract at the hospital, then you have to pay.

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That's what I thought: I've always wondered about the rules when gifts are given and then medical problems come up - I made up this scenario - but I am sure that if this was the case - children could help out with medical bills in a caring family

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