lichen planus in the mouth... ? anyone

vieja_gwFebruary 8, 2010

Husband was diagnosed by biopsy last year by an oral surgeon as having lichen planus on the inside of his mouth. He has had soreness on the inside of his cheek when he ate spicy foods ... (like his dear chili!)& goes for a check up every three months now. If it gets worse he may have to have surgery to remove the lesions as they can become malignant he was told.

Has anyone had this autoimmune mouth problem & -if so- what have you had done for it? We were told there was no known cause (not his addiction for HOT chili!) or cure for it so we are quite anxious!

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I had it on the side of my tongue(diagnosed by biopsy by a oral surgeon in 06)Stress can cause flare-ups as does certain medicines they told me)I don't have to have checkups though as your husband does.Any foods that are the least bit spicy burns my tongue/mouth now,foods that aren't even classified as spicy burns.I don't really do anything for it but be careful what I eat.

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Thank you debbiep!

The most recent exam by the oral surgeon seemed to be a bit worse so the dentist put him on a prescription drug for the auto immune lichen ... it is called Clobetasone ointment. He dries off the inside of his mouth where the lesion is & then applies the ointment & does this three times a day for two weeks & then sees the oral surgeon again. Does your regular dentist keep watch on the lesion? I'm concerned, as he was told it can become malignant sometimes & needs careful watching.

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Hi Vieja,my dentist checks mine twice yearly at my regular cleaning appointments.I forgot to mention I was told to use liquid benadryl,use a q tip and apply it.I don't really remember the purpose of using that though.This was at the suggestion of the oral surgeon.I never tried it though.Mine doesn't bother me that much but I do have flare ups sometimes.

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