still grieving after 4 years

smily78250June 17, 2010

my mother passed away on july 4 2006 im still grieving i was wondering if this is normal i think about her all the time i was really close to her we talked about everything she would call me every day to ask my how i was or what wasi goin to do that day if anybody goin through the same thing i miss her so so much i cant help it so if i can get a little comfort from anyone please feel free to give me some messages please i been so depressed and i really can use some comfort ty sincerely debra mcgee

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I was just searching Yahoo and found this GardenWeb site by chance. I was actually looking up estrangement issues as I just broke ties with my 32 year old daughter today, (I¡¦m 55). She has my 2 Grandchildren, Gavin 5 and Caitlyn 1. I will miss my Grandchildren terribly, but she only ¡§allowed¡¨ us to see them a few times a year anyway because we¡¦re ¡§not good enough¡¨ for her. She has been dis-respecting me for years and I finally decided enough is enough.
Anyway, when I just read your post, I just wanted you to know that ¡§yes¡¨, it is normal to still be grieving after 4 years. You may never get over the loss of your Mother. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. My Mom will be 82 years old on 06/28. I lost my Dad on 06/18/2003 after he had been in a nursing home for 4 awful years. My Mom and Dad had been married for over 50 years. He served in the US Marine Corp for over 27 years and retired a LT Colonel when I was around 18, I think. Anyway, I still miss him today, even though we were not close at all. My parents were actually quite abusive.
I believe that my Dad visits me in spirit quite a bit, have you had any experiences like that? I find them comforting, but some times sort of annoying. º
I just wanted you to know that there is someone out here in ¡§cyber space¡¨ who does care how you feel, okay?
You may want to talk to your Doctor about your depression. I am taking an anti-depressant, generic for Zoloft for years. It seems to help, although it will hurt your sex drive! º
Take care and keep your chin up. Please know that your Mom is in a better place!
Jill Moore

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