Anyone taking Zocor??

berkFebruary 3, 2006

I have been taking Zocor for about 3 mo. now and it is lowering my Cholesterol, but for the last 2 weeks I have been having trouble walking when I first get up from bed, a chair, anything thing I am doing in a laying or sitting position threw out the day. My legs hurt and feel weak and the pain goes into my back.

Is any one else on this and noticed anything.

I think I am going to stop taking it for a week and see what happens.

Thanks for your in-put.

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This could well be a side affect of the medication. You also need to put in a call to your dr. to find out about this.

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Why do you suspect this is a side effect of the Zocor, given that you used it for 2 1/2 months without incident? I would see a doctor immediately about your pain.

I took Zocor (20mg) for several years without any trouble. I switched to Lipitor about a year ago in part because my insurance plan dropped Zocor from its subsidised drug list.

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I didn't take a pill last night and no pain this morning!
I have a strange reaction to medicines. I am allergic to almost all antiobotics. The Zithromax is all I can take and I am always afraid I will develope a reaction to it one of these days. Seems like I can take stuff for a few monthes then the next time I have a real bad reaction to it and the doctor adds it to my alergic to list. So that is why I was wondering if anyone else had this reaction to Zocor.

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One of the side effects of many of the cholesterol-lowering drugs is muscle weakness and pain, and it may be a sign of serious problems. And I do mean serious. This effect can happen at any time while taking the drug, as it is not an allergy or intolerance.
You really need to see a doctor ASAP. At least rule out the possibility of the Zocor causing the pain.

From the product label:

"Unexplained muscle pain or weakness could be a sign of a rare but serious side effect and should be reported to your doctor right away.

Muscle: Tell your doctor right away if you experience any unexplained muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness at any time during treatment with ZOCOR so your doctor can decide if ZOCOR should be stopped. Some patients may have muscle pain or weakness while taking ZOCOR. Rarely, this can include muscle breakdown resulting in kidney damage. The risk of muscle breakdown is greater in patients with kidney problems or diabetes."

Muscle breakdown causes the release of myoglobin into the bloodstream, where the kidney is supposed to filter it out. But myoglobin is a large protein that may clog the blood vessels in the kidneys, starving the kidneys for oxygen. Once hypoxic damage is done to the kidney, it is IRREVERSIBLE! You could go into permanent kidney failure, resulting in death or life-long dialysis.

Please do not delay in at least talking with your doctor about your pain. If you notice red-brown urine, RUN do not walk to the emergency room and explain what is going on.

I cannot stress enough how serious this side effect can be.

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abdominal pain
trouble sleeping
are some of the side effects of zocor.

Here is a link that might be useful: side effects of zocor

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My step daughter had such severe back pain that she had back surgery. It did not help, the pain came back. We were talking doctors and meds and I told her of my experience with Zocor. Her face literally turned pale, she had been on Zocor. When I was on felt like some one was sticking an ice pick in my back when I got up in the morning. Two doctors told me it doesn't cause that kind of pain. BUT when I quit, the pain went away. Our tour bus driver's wife told me her husband took it for a while and quit because it felt like someone stuck an ice pick in his feet. It quit when he quit taking it. Doctors denied it was cause by Zocor.

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They are covering up the side effects. 3 people I know personally have "Lost" their thyroid because of Zocor.They will be taking thyroid medication rest of their lives. I had warned my bro. but he didn't quit, now too late. Then DIL had 9 thyroid tumors & had to go 120 miles to see dr. in 3 weeks, I told her she couldn't have surgery while on Zocor so to stop it, she did & Dr said the tumors had shrunk & asked what she did. She remembered I told her to stop taking it. If you checked out drs drug book, those huge ones it says it causes cancer in mice/rats. No problem, OK to use on humans, used to be if caused cancer they wouldn't use drug, now it is if they think it does a lot of good, use it anyway & deal with effects later. But the real dilly is GF's hubby, had open heart surgery ,did great & dr. just decided to give him Zorcor even tho numbers were fine. Went up north to Wash. & felt like he had flu then legs got weak, really weak so bad he had to have his wife hold on to him so he didn't fall. They did a workup & said it was rare side effect, forgotten the name but polyneuritis/muscle problem, I wrote it on another post on here much earlier.It's about 2 yrs later now & he had to take prednisone for 18 mos. as when they tried taking him off it the symptoms returned & finally he was OK but weaker. They said it might come back because once nerves & muscles are damaged they don't always recover. I personally have known5 people on Zocor(or generic for it) & all 5 have had bad outcomes, don't think this is unusual,(my dad said he wish he were dead after taking it, I told him to stop, no reason to hurt all over) I suspect it may be more the norm but as long as drug companies make money off this stuff, they don't care.

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Muscle weakness is not rare at all. It is probably at the top of the list. I had a neighbor that took it and the doc kept reassuring him it was not the zocor. By the time he found a new doctor, it was to late. I think it may be true of other chlorestral meds, not just Zocor.

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There are several side effects of all statins. I took Zocor for several years with seemingly no problems. Then I started feeling so tired I couldn't keep awake during the day and my muscles felt weak and I had to lie down for a little while after going upstairs. I couldn't go for a walk because I felt so tired and wobbly.

'I was also loosing my memory. I couldn't carry on a conversation - I just stammered and searched my mind for the word I wanted. My sister would usually finish the sentence for me. I worried I was having dementia or Alzheimer's. My doctor said no, it was because I've had diabetes since I was 12 and now am in my early 70's and the blood vessels shrink in my brain. After reading up on statins I decided to just stop taking it. My cholesterol was 130 and I eat very little food with cholesterol anyway. Since I have gall bladder problems my doctor said I should go on a gall bladder diet so I usually eat a turkey and Vegenaise sandwich and veggies and fruit.

When I saw my doctor a couple months ago he said I NEED to be on a statin because of my diabetes. He gave me a sample of Crestor saying it was only 10 mgs instead of the 40 mgs of Zocor I had been taking so that should solve my problems.

Whoa! I couldn't keep awake at all for most of the day! I would eat breakfast and immediately fall asleep in my recliner. I couldn't even brush my teeth. I would be ASLEEP until 2:30 p.m - and I mean asleep! How the heck can I control my diabetes or exercise like that?! My blood sugar was all over the place - from 30 to over 300. The rest of the day was horrible, too. Barely awake and not able to stay awake during the evening to watch a TV show.

I looked up Crestor and found it is the STRONGEST statin and is called a super statin! Several people on line said they would rather die early than take that! I had told my sister that the day before. I went back to the doctor and he tried to tell me that I needed to be on a statin and I said I'm NOT taking it. Then he said he wasn't trying to hurt me and that I was someone who couldn't tolerate it. As I left he said, "You know, i'm going to get lots of letters from the insurance companys asking why I took you off statins." You'd think they would be happy they didn't have to pay for it!

Since I have been off of both of them I am getting much better. My memory is pretty much back to normal, I'm not sleeping the day away and my muscles are getting a lot stronger. I asked my DD to take me out to a mall so I can walk around during the week. I am not out of breath climbing the stairs anymore.

'So I say read up on statins. Some doctors say they are poison and many sites warn of the side effects. One doctor on line says older people NEED some cholesterol in their diet especially older women. Many people do need them especially if they are over weight but we should be aware of the side effects.

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On Sep, 3, 2013: 57,922 people reported to have side effects when taking Zocor. Among them, 1,045 people (1.80%) have Death.
Is it worth the risk
Cholesterol build up is caused by inflammation of the arteries fix the cause and not the symptom.

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Wow lots of dangerous misinformation on here. I'd suggest you deal with healthcare professionals instead of random online opinions.

The poster who warned about muscle breakdown (rhabdomyolisis) is spot on however.

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