Thigh / pelvic pain

carlybFebruary 11, 2009

I fell hard on my side and the thigh/hip areas took the full hit. It happened five days ago. I thought I had hurt my hip and went to the dr. where xray showed a bone chip but nothing else. It doesn't hurt to sit or sleep if I don't lay on that side. When raising the leg and walking I've a lot of pain and most of it seems to run right along the bottom of the pelvic bone. I've been using a cane when I have to walk. Could muscle strain cause this. How much longer should I wait before going back to the dr?

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If you haven't done anything yet, I think you should call the doctor and ask to speak with the nurse or the doctor himself, explaining your concerns. They can help decide if you should come in.

Sorry for your troubles. Hope you are better soon.


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carlyb, you fell so know you had some trauma with reason for pain, but pelvic/groin with added thigh pain can be a symptom of hip joint damage...where was the chip? If the discomfort you've been feeling isn't improving by next week, I wonder if you wouldn't want to see an orthopedist...assuming the doctor you saw was a primary care physician.

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Had the MRI today. Pelvis fractured at the hip but not all the way thru. Will heal itself if I keep all weight off and use a wheelchair for 8 wks. I can handle that. I don't want surgery if I can avoid it. She (dr) said the bone chip earlier noticed was not really a chip (gave it a name which I don't remember). I've always drank alot of skim milk which maybe in this case helped.

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Oh, ouch. It's good to hear you don't need surgery though, I was afraid your doctor might have missed a hip fracture - I hope you can manage with the wheel chair (without cheating) and give the fracture you do have time to heal. Good luck!

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