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berniekellyJune 18, 2007

We went on our first sun holiday last August and were planning on going away again this year. My little girl still wants to but I am not so sure. On one hand it would be nice to prove to ourselves that we can manage to carry on as planned but on the other I get scared and wonder what will we do on our own. We would be going on a package holiday with day and evening entertainment provide so we wouldn't be isolated - but suppose I end up thinking the whole time. very undecided.

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Go for it, nothing ventured nothing gained.Go and make it a wonderful holiday for the two of you and maybe meet some other people you can enjoy being with, is'nt that better than sitting home "thinking"? You will be thinking no matter where you are so you might as well be somewhere nice, give this gift to your little girl.
God Bless.

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Yes, I agree - please go on holiday. No matter where you go and what you do you'll be thinking about your loss anyway. Allow yourself to try to enjoy yourself with your daughter.


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