flax seed versus fish oil ....?

vieja_gwFebruary 16, 2007

I was taking fish oil capsules but then because of hearing of toxins in the fish it was made from, I switched to flaxseed oil capsules instead. Do they both contain the same ingredients one needs for lowering cholesterol? If so, which is the best? My husband can't take the fish oil because of the aftertaste but it doesn't bother me that much so I could take either that or the flaxseed. Despite being on Vytorin (my levels may be inherited/familial) & little or no meat (I do overdue maybe on the carbs though!) I can't seem to get the levels down though the HDL & tryglycerides are rather good. I'd appreciate any comparison between the fish oil & flaxseed as to which is best.

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This is my understanding

The way in which fish oils are extracted precludes the possibility of contamination with toxins. Fish oils are a good source of Omega 3 acids. Costco has enteric coated fish oil capsules that don't have an aftertaste

Flax seed oil has alpha-linolenic acid which can be converted to omega 3 oil in the body but some of the test results have raised a question about its safety and it is not advised for people with diabetes.

I am going to stick with fish oil.

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Thanks so much ...I really appreciate your response/ideas ! The flaxseed I get is from COSTCO & contains, according to the label:

organic flaxseed oil(Linum usitatissmum)(seed) 1300 mg.
omega 3 (alpha linolenic acid) 780 mg
omega 6 (linoleic acid) 156 mg.
omega 9 (oleic acid) 143 mg.

Contains: anchovy,clupea,salmon,& sprat according to the label.

I am taking two capsules a day.

I am going to try the fish oil capsules now again for a couple of months & see if my LDL & triglyceride levels decrease from when I was on flaxseed. For some reason my doctor had me switch to the flaxseed.

Seems every month or so another idea on these comes out & very confusing!

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I just wanted to add that fish oil is supposed to be very good for your hair too...an added extra benefit!

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