brand if high mid grade / low high end ceiling speakers

mattasimmsFebruary 1, 2008

I have the problem/opportunity to purchase my ceiling speakers for the new house. I am pretty well versed in the common brands and know almost what i am looking for, but could always use some knowledge from you all that have been in my situation. I have made so many decisions with this house that i want to make sure that i am making the correct one here.

i am thinking polk audio. i have these floor speakers that are over 10 years old and still scream. do they still make them this way? i like b&w but cant afford these...

i am also game to any new technology that is out there. i browse the isles at besy buy, but have not really done my homework over the years. so, if you know a great amp and speaker me out!! i have aprox. 14 ceiling and wall speakers to buy soon. i will also be going with a powered sub (or 3!)....

wiring is all in and about to drywall next week.

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I had installed 8 sets of ceiling speakers installed by the builder in my new condo. I used Cambridge Soundworks speakers for all of my speakers. Until recently they had retail stores in New England and California but they are now mostly web based. They have a wide range of speakers and prices so I was able to get higher end units for the living room and saved money with smaller/cheaper units in the master bath etc. Also purchased their outdoor units for my deck and have some book shelf speakers for the bedroom. The clarity is great. I have the whole house wired into a two zone system but had to get another amp to power it all up. When I have the whole house filled with music such as at a party the sound is amazing. The ceiling speakers in the living room are also tied into the 5.1 surround sound for music and also used for TV sound. (I went a bit crazy doing the whole house but it sounds great). Look at them at . They frequently have sales so signing up for their e-mail newsletter may save you some money.

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I am a bit too late here probably, but I am running 24 cieling speakers from PSB, through a Matrix amplifier 8 zone system throughout my home and they sound pretty good. Although the amplifier is exspensive the PSBs are about $200 to 250cdn a piece.

My experience is that you will not get good imaging nor soundstaging through ceiling or wall speakers, if that is your aim.
A reputable speaker manufacturer and store outlet with a good return policy should give you what you are looking for.

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I love my Axioms

Here is a link that might be useful: Axiom Speakers

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