Anyone else here with Parkinson's besides me?

ladonnaFebruary 16, 2008

I was diagnoised 12 years ago with early onset parkinsons disease. Im now 49. I also have dystonia to go along with it, which causes my back to go into spasms, Im currently on sinemet CR 50/200, 3xdaily, mirapex 3xdaily, and lodosyn 3xdaily, and bacfloren 25mg. 3xdaily. Lately, ive been experiencing pressure in the back part of my head. I was wondering, if any other people with either dystonia, or pd. suffer with this too? I go see my neuro, the first part of April.

Hope to hear from someone.


La Donna

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La Donna, I do not have Parkinsons, but there is another place you can go to talk with people who do. It's called Health Boards, link below. Find Parkinsons on the list and then click Jump to Board. Maybe you can find some people there which have situations similar to yours.

Hope this helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Health Boards Links

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Thank you so much Susan.

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It's so important to be able to interact with others when you have a difficult health situation, so I hope there is something there for you. I visit the Osteoporosis Board, and it's a very nice group of people there sharing information and frustration too.

Take care.


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