H1N1 vaccine

dougy2040February 3, 2010

My wife has not gotten a H1N1 Flu vaccine yet. She has chronic asthsma and her pulmonary doctor isn't advising one way or other, whether she should get the shot. Saying that people with asthsma can have bad reactions to the vaccine. Has anyone had a similar experience? Her doctor is head of a dept. of a medical school hospital, so we feel like he should know best. But then, get sick from the vaccine, or get sick from not having the vaccine? Anyone with an opinion? Thanks

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No one can really answer that question except you and your wife. Below is a link to the CDC in case you haven't looked at it.

Does your wife spend time with a lot of different people or kids? That would increase her risk, I would think. Have you thought of getting a second opinion?

I'm not much help but appreciate your concern.

Here is a link that might be useful: CDC asthma/H1N1

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thanks for the link, socks12345,
we'll look into the CDC link, and some others. My wife does not have alot of exposure to kids or public places. She is a homemaker, no kids, and fairly healthly otherwise. We also read some health information on the Mayo Clinic website, a good source. Thanks.

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I asked my friend - lead nurse at our local Public Health Department - for you and she said :

Having asthma sould put your wife in a high risk group. The feeling is that being in a high-risk group for H1N1 means that people with asthma should get the vaccine.

About a third of adults who need to be hospitalized with H1N1 instead of recovering reasonably at home - have asthma.

People with asthma should have the vaccine given as a shot not the spray. The nasal spray contains weakened H1N1 virus and is not recommended for high-risk individuals. The shot contains dead virus, safe for asthmatics.

Of course that's from someone who has never seen your wife or her records, and not meant to contradict anything her own personal doctor has told her.

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