Dealing with my Dad's girlfriend!

mom2jaredJune 28, 2011

My father has been dating this one woman three months after my mother passed away from Ovarian Cancer. I'm trying to get along with her but she is so opionated. First she tells my father how to eat and dress and now she's telling me that I need to lose weight. The last straw was when she told me that I shouldn't take my nine year old son to New York for my mom's unveiling. I try to keep my distance and not to listen to her, but I just learned that on the return trip home (which is a three hour flight), my Dad has to stay in New York for business and I will be traveling alone with her and my son. I'm worried about how I'm going to get along with her. At least in New York, we'll be with family so I won't have to deal with her too much. I want to like her and I'm trying to but lately, she's been pissing me off. It's hard enough seeing my father with another woman, but this would be easier if this was someone I could tolerate.

What should I do?


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He has just been through a long ordeal with his wife, he has been grieving for a long time. Men tend to marry sooner than women. 1. Because they aren't good at taking care of themselves 2. they want someone to cook,do the laundry, talk to & the rest that goes with "having a wife" You can sleep on trip home or buy a magazine & get interested in it or take along a book you "just have to finish" Telling you about your weight is not her business. I would tell her that I would like a good relationship with her especially since grandpa loves his grandson & you want them to spend time together. Don't think it is wise to mention weight thing unless it comes up again. Then I might just counter with "how much did you make last year" when she looks surprised tell her you won't ask questions like that again if she will not discuss your weight again. Tell her you prefer to leave personal stuff alone. Sorry for your loss & try to understand he is several months ahead of you in his grieving. (We never think our parents are going to die until it happens even when they are sick a long time). I've had relatives marry the woman's best friend, or nurse that came every day,a neighbor. It happens.

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