need special support group for kids

Shannon01June 19, 2007

This is a very delicate situation that needs help. Are there any online or inperson groups for kids whos parent died under very distrubing circumstances? To be exact- erotic exphixiation. Kids call it the choking game, etc. But when it happens to a grown adult with kids, it is a very, very difficult situation. There is literally no one to talk with because the kids do not totally understand the situation, and kids who have lost a parent through other means would be freaked out to hear these kids problems when in group. These survivors literally have no one to talk to. But there has to be help somewhere. Does anyone know of any support group like this? I am going to try an online search but you end up getting a lot of websites glorifying the habit so it is very hard to weed through.

Thanks for any advice.

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Oh my. Shannon, I would suggest sending a email to professional asking for guidance to resources. I also did a quick google search and like you said, the results were hard to wade through.

Perhaps someone like Dr. Helen Smith. She is a forensic psychologist in Tennesse. She can be reached at drhelen -at - Maybe she can point you in the right direction.

Good luck - Doc

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I did find one online forum. Unfortunatly a lot of posters were parents of the deceased or spouses. I really do not think a teen boy would feel comfortable there, but I may ask some of those folks if there is a place for kids. My sis is at wits end trying to get help for this boy. To have to enter your teen years is bad enough without a dad, but to have no dad under these circumstances is just about the most horrible circumstances one can be under, especially as a boy. I will keep searching and anyone who has advice on a site, I would appreciate it.

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My only advice would be to try "" I looked around the site and I think that might be a possibility for help.Let us know.
Good luck and God Bless.

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