ears itch deep inside ...... any help?

vieja_gwFebruary 14, 2012

I have dry ears inside the ENT Dr. says & prescribed an ointment (Triamcinolone) to be put in each ear. I have been using this for over a year & still the ears itch intensly deep inside! Any one have this problem & if so, what have you found to be of any help? I want to just dig in the ears & scratch them... driving me crazy!!

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Mine drive me crazy too sometimes. I know what my problem is, it's allergies.

So maybe you have the same problem. Have you ever tried any antihistimine medication? If not, it might be worth while to try a mild OTC thing like Benedryl at night. If it seems to help, even a little, maybe a trip to an allergist might be worth while.

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I never thought I had any allergies but guess the ear problem driving me crazy could be one. I do just now have a very weird unproductive 'whooping-like'cough that is keeping me awake & muscles so sore from coughing so will try some antihistamines. We have had a mild winter even for here & I see some plum tree buds forming on the fruit trees so perhaps other things like cedar, etc. are putting out pollen early now too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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People usually think of allergies causing runny nose (hayfever) or itchy eyes. But Allergic Bronchitis is another annoying one. You cough...and cough....and cough and never really get relief.

Try an allergist. He/she will probably start you with an antihistimine that is stronger than you can buy without a presciption.

It might be pollen or something in your house like feather pillows or mold and mildew.

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Well, I think you have diagnosed it!! I the past two weeks have had a nose that runs so bad... just clear discharge, a HORRIBLE deep non-productive whooping/wracking cough & now with the itchy ears... well, I tried some antihistamine I had & it does seem to help for awhile! The ears are less itchy & for a few hours after taking the pill my nose runs less & the cough is less also. It got so bad I couldn't sleep & my stomach muscles were so sore from the horrible deep coughing.

I never had an allergy before & at my age I never thought I would get any now but.... guess what: surprize!! Been a mild dry winter here & I guess there is already pollen in the air. I do remember my last blood work showed an elevated eosinophil count & that can be due to allergies!


If it keeps up I may have to get a Rx for it instead of the OTC antihistamines I took

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It sure sounds like allergy reactions. Clear nose drool is a pretty good sign. With a cold or infection, it would be more yellow.

Untreated allergies can develop into Asthma. The Bronchitis can get worse until you can't get air in or out. You don't want that to happen. Allergies can reach a point that they spring up at any age. Someone in your neighborhood may have planted some unusual flowers or there's one too many cats around for you to handle. A good allergist looks at what changes have happened.

I have found that prescription medication is often less expensive than OTC.

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