clubmFebruary 4, 2008

Does anyone take this medication or knows of anyone who

does and are the results good meaning did it help them?


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I've been taking Lexapro for about 5 years. If you want to talk about it feel free to email me though the GW.

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A friend says it helps her. I took it for awhile and it didn't do much for me but then I don't know that I should have been given it. I just complained about having trouble sleeping and the PA said "oh, anxiety! new drug here"
I think she associated the sleeping problems with having been deployed but I'd had the same sleeping pattern for years. I was in a very safe place, no anxiety.
It did mess up my gut though, and that lasted for quite awhile after I stepped myself off.

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I have this sitting on my counter, Im suppose to start it now, I have had it there almost a week. I am scared to try it. Every anti depressant I have tried makes me crawl the walls. Anyone else have this issue and has tried this drug I would love to know. I have MS and Panic disorder.. and for some reason they just want me on anti depressants.. I am also on Xanax... that Im not afraid of lol

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My friend was on it and it really helped her a lot. I've heard they are hard to get off though.

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