I was told that I should not be posting on appliance forum

phyl345February 22, 2010

This is what I posted over there: What do you think of our selection for a new t.v.?

UN55B8000 Samsung 55" LEC LCD HD television: $2640. (and all this stuff to go with it)

MC1000HD2M - HMDI monster cable $120

SUFF660 Ultra flat t.v. mount: $80.

HTWSIR Samsung sound bar: $277.

hanging it: $300.

installing electrical outlet: $190.

installing and set up sound bar: $80

Grand total: $3687. ~ yikes & double yikes! Do those prices sound right ~ or are we being fools?

thanks for any advice you can give us ~

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You should be able to get the TV for about $500 less, locally it's about $2150. I'm in CT.

The HDMI Monster Cable? Toss that back. $120 for a 2M long HDMI cable is ludicrous. I buy most of my cables from Blue Jean Cables or Monoprice Cables, they have great cables at good prices. A cable shouldn't run you more than $15-$20.
Don't get suckered into the $$$$ HDMI cables.

I'm not familiar with the other items.

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OK I see you found your way here, phyl345, and as you can see, good advice here too??? Mongoct is correct about the cable.
Feel free to ask anymore questions if you have any.
I bumped the Potato race in appliance section so you
should be able to see it now.


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Plenty of ways to find the best price on the TV. The cable is a rip-off. Might want to check on the mounting bracket as well. Is $300 delivery and installation? Hanging a mount isn't rocket science, just hit the studs and drive some screws. A level comes in handy. Some liability for getting the TV to your house. $190 for the receptacle is in the ballpark depending on where you live and where the nearest receptacle or circuit to tie into is located. I'm assuming that's the price from a licensed electrician. Anybody else should be considerably less.

Can't comment on the rest but I can't imagine installing the sound bar is that complicated.

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thanks so much! I have printed up all suggestions, and will definitely be going back in there much better prepared than I was last time ~ and I'm sure I will NOT be ordering all the *things* that they said were *must-haves* ~ & I might just give him a kick in the butt too ~

thanks again ~

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