Help Please - Wireles Sound System

grannabelleFebruary 25, 2007

originally i wanted to hardwire for sound, when 2 estimates came back at over $7,000 - i decided not someone said i can buy a wireless system (Bose?) i want to be able to hook it up to my stereo system (to play radio and CDs) and be able to have sound in about 5 different rooms - i also would like wireless surround sound for my new living room TV (yet to be purchased)- is this sort of system available and suggestions for companies would be great thanks

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There are a few different ways to go about it. The keys are how good you want the sound to be and how much money you do want to spend. There are a few companies which manufacture wireless surround-sound systems; use your favorite Web search engine to find the phrase wireless surround sound and you'll find a bunch.

Wireless through the rest of the house is do-able, also, however you may lose some flexibility as far as listening to one thing in one room and something else in another.

In any case, wireless is likely to provide lower-quality sound than wired and limit your choice of components. There also is the possibility that something already in your house (microwave oven, telephone, etc.) may interfere with it. If that does not matter to you (it doesn't matter to many people I know), then it's no big deal. They are, however, compromises you make for wireless.

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SONY makes a great wireless set up, search google or where ever you would like.

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Sony Sonos is pretty much the only system that will do this with any reliability.

But you're going to find out that you should have had the wiring done....

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thanks for the input - we ended up hardwiring, but not putting the whole system in - so when we are ready ($$) we can buy what we need and have it hooked up

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