Has anyone had their child cremated?

tggrsmommyJune 19, 2004

I had my daughter cremated so I could buy a locket to put her ashes in, so she would always be with me and be close to my heart. Well, it seems nobody makes them. I know someone who COULD make them, but won't make only one. I'm hoping to get enough responses to this that we can email the guy and have him make at least a dozen of them, so it would be "cost efficient" for him. It doesn't just have to be a locket for a mom, but that is what I want, and he needs at least a dozen orders for them.

Would anyone like to join me in this endeavor?

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Have you looked at vintage jewelery?

I've seen lockets, watch fobs, pendants, bracelets, and rings (the so-called poison rings) with compartments that would safely hold ashes - they screw closed firmly. Many of them were originally for holding perfume, snuff, religious artifacts, or perhaps medicines.

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The one I'm looking for would have a cameo on the front, of a mother with child to her breast. I haven't been able to find it. If I could just find a nice flat urn locket, I have a jeweler in town that would sauder the cameo on for me. I just thought if more people came forward and emailed that guy that makes the lockets that I saw, he would make them.

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i had been looking for a locket to put a lock of my daughters hair in since we did not save any of her ashes...we are very sorry that we didnt but feel as if the lock of her hair they saved after she died is also sacred to us...i finally found something at a metaphsical shop that i ordered out of a book and it is like a clear vial and has a thin rope attached so my husband and son have it on their rear view mirror...with her hair in it...i would be interested in what you are talking about and would probably want 2-3 of them....let me know the price...i am so sorry for your loss..i am glad you found this forum and i hope it will be of some comfort to you...

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We didn't cremate Christin, but I have a friend who cremated her son. If you find out more about it, I could contact her and maybe she might be interested.

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The man said we'd have to order a dozen or more, so I'm looking for people that want one so we can order them. It would be like a regular locket, but larger, to hold ashes. I don't know what shape, as we can probably poll to find out what everyone would like. I want the mother/child cameo on it. It depicts my daughter and me perfectly, as she loved to be rocked and held that way. The mother is holding her child to her chest. It's beautiful. Looking for any takers on this offer. If we order them, he'll make them, but we have to order at least a dozen of them. Anyone else?

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how much will they cost?sounds like if they are not that expensive it would be worth getting a dozen and eventually they all would be purchased...doyou happen to have a photo that could be emailed to see what they look like they sound beautiful.....

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That's the problem, they haven't been made, and they might run around $300 or more. I know the one he was trying to sell me would cost $500, and that thing is ugly!

I'm trying to get something around $300 or less, and it's still an expense, but it would be worth it to be able to carry my baby with me everywhere I go and keep her close to my heart.

I'm thinking along the lines of the shape of a regular cameo locket, but with the compartment in the back to hold her ashes. Maybe oval, probably about an inch in diameter.

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Have you thought about how you would feel if the chain broke and you lost it?

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Actually, there are quite a few options for keepsake jewelry. I just did a google search for "urn jewelry" and got back plenty of valid hits. If you're feeling too raw to search through them all, let me know what you're looking for and I can find it for you.

My best friend lost her Mom unexpectedly 2 weeks after 9/11 and she did the most amazing thing...she had her mom's ashes placed in a traditional urn, then had them sewn inside a teddy bear. Whenever she wishes she could hug her mom, she picks up the bear and gives it a squeeze...That teddy bear has been with us to the Grand Canyon, to bars to see Mom's favorite band and who knows where else she'll go. I know we're going to Indiana Dunes this summer ;) (she'll love not having to buy the swimsuit)

This may sound bizarre, but Pat went everywhere we did when she was alive. She was not the traditional mother/friend and deserved a memorial that fit her. I know she's happy to sit on my friend's lap and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer just like they always did...

Here is a link that might be useful: google search

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I'm looking for an urn locket, that can have a cameo attached to it. I don't want the ugly thing I was talking about and he seems to be the only place/person that makes them!

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Someone here posted awhile back about floating urns for water committal. That company also had some nice jewelry keepsakes. There is one with a heart.
Blessings, katclaws
Hopefully this link will work

Here is a link that might be useful: Keepsake jewelry

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I wish I could afford to get one of those for my mom. My big brother's ashes rest in a plain cardboard box sealed with duct tape at the top of her closet. It's been 8 years and she hasn't been able to scatter them, even though his wish (he knew he was going to die) was to be scattered over the Pacific. If I could find something like an urn locket, she could keep part of him and send the rest of him to the ocean. I just wanted to say thank you for the idea - $300 is way above my price range but maybe I can find something that will work.

I know the one night I spend away from her since my little brother died... I came back to find she slept with his ashes.

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I found these on Ebay.

Here is a link that might be useful: Urn Necklaces

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Thank you... those are very reasonable prices.

I want to get one in the shape of the cross.

Dan was buried so I thought about what to put in the mini urn...

I have no hair and I don't want the dirt that covers his case

Instead I chose something alive with power,

You see last summer we went to this huge cave, and in the back was a grate that covered an ice pit... I knew what was down there, from family lore... a "walk-in geode", as Dan called it when he got down there and saw. We were both amazed by the crystals which grew from the ceiling and the walls. But vandals had smashed the main foyer to get at the precious crystals in unjustifiable excess. We crawled further down the pit until we were in the very bowels of the earth, and there was a... a hole, an underground fissure - Dan climbed up and slipped through it! If you've ever read Stephen King's Desperation, it was sort of like that - except not evil. Dan went in there and that's when he exclaimed through the icey echoing walls, "it's like a walk in geode"!
Well, when it came time to get out of the ice pit, I knew I was going to have problems. I had accidently left my crampons back in Seattle, and the prospect of climbing a steep ice wall without them was daunting. It soon became apparent I wasn't strong enough to exert the required force (about 10 pullups) to get out of there. Dan and my boyfriend were the only two souls with me in the bowels of the earth, and they pulled my butt up out of there, with strong arms. I remember watching Dan shimmy up the ice wall with no problem, just before my miserable attempt. Then I got stuck in the grate, haha, I can still hear him nervously laughing. I had to take my harness off and go back under, crossing over to a bigger hole in the grate like monkey-bars style, with only my own shaking arm muscles and sweaty hands to stop me from plunging into the deep sharp darkeness. That, and Dan's hands reassuringly close through the bars. He helped me out and I crawled through icey mud and water, my precious few prizes digging into my pocketflesh painfully. This whole scary episode took hours, it was real hard for them to pull me out coz I was exhausted from trying with all my might to clamber up this slippery wall and falling. I remember bursting out in the sunlight, so shaky from adrenaline... I knew I could have lost my life, but the two men I loved most were there to save me. I sure wish I could have returned the favor. :(

Anyway, Dan came out of there with a piece of the walk in geode, ... it's this little... upright crystal city with a rock base... it has many crystal spires and is breathtakingly beautiful. It was down there covered in dirt and mud deep in the earth, and Dan cleaned it and polished it and set it on his mantle. I took it back when he passed. It is very fragile and the pieces, teh crystal spires come off easily. I'm going to put a few shards in my cross urn. I think it is the place he would want to be.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dan's friend's took me to the scene of the accident

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yes i had my son cremated and his wife has his ashes.

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Found alot of urn necklaces on ebay for like 70 dollars that would fit that mother hold daughter on chest that u want put on there. here is one, it's a tear drop.

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