Trapezius --Anyone have this hurt?

imn2craftsFebruary 19, 2008

Trapezius muscle that goes from behine your ears, t's off at your shoulders and down you back. Doctor says this is way I am having these sudden headaches.( comes on for no apparent reason) Starts at the back of my head , sometime moving to the top of my head and then the pains puts me to my knees.Lasts about 15 min., sometimes ice at the back of my neck will calm it.

I have also been waken up with this pain, and I am very exhasted.

It happens mostly durning the day at work and I am of no good for about 15-30 min.

Anyone have any knowledge of this...Thanks Deb

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I've never had trouble with my trapezius, but my omotransversarius has given me trouble, both in pain and remembering the stupid thing on anatomy exams. In fact, I used to have nightmares prior anatomy exams and I'd wake up screaming OMOTRANSVERSARIUS. Vet school does weird things to you...

Anyway, ibuprofen used to help except once, I needed a muscle relaxer.

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