proud of our daughter!

heydeborahJune 20, 2007

yesterday, my daughter received a call from a girl she knows they went to public school, and met up occassionly and were still of friendly terms since they moved to the other side of the city when the girls mom got married. the call was my mom committed suicide, carley our daughter talked to this young lady for about 45 minutes and i could hear her tell her that she was there for her and if she needed to talk just call, or if she needed an adult i would be there, and could we go to the memorial service, daughter said yes we would be there on friday (which is at the church where Alan was baptised, carley was too, etc. etc.) it will even be the same priest Al had. at the end of the conversation carley told her that she knew what she was going through that her dad (Al) passed away in Feb. the girl felt so bad, and carley asked her why, she said she didn't know that Al had passed away and it wasn't fair for her to dump her baggage on carley. (the girls mom had her when she was 17 and 2 other girls, boyfriends or all different dads in jail, she met a nice guy who had a baby boy, moved out of low rental housing, teen pregnacy is not high at all here). such a sad story, she planned the funeral herself -- the stepdad was very,very upset and couldn't plan it, and she told carley she will have to quit university to "be the mom". so if you could please include Amanada in your prayers tonight, and also Carley (our daughter, for being so mature at 18!) thanks!


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Am new here, but Debbie, you've got em! It is heartening to see the young be able to comfort and support like that.


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Debbie, it sounds like you really raised your daughter right. You should be very proud of her, and of yourself for instilling such great character!

A rare quality these days!


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What a load for your daughter to bear, just after her father's death - she is indeed a strong young lady. You can count on my prayer for her!

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