Thyroid medicene direction change

maifleur01February 7, 2013

I have been taking some form of thyroid medicene for underactive since I was about 12. Recently my tests were high 21.1. My doctor suggested I take my pill one hour before eating or drinking anything. It has been very hard because I am used to drinking a cup of coffee immediately. However I can hold my temper better and feel less anxiety. My husband has dementia and some days I could not cope but with the med change I am coping better.

A friend has also been given the same instructions. Any of you that take meds for low thyroid may want to check with your doctor to see what they recommend. For me the walls are no longer in danger of having claw marks in them,

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My doctor told me to take the pill at least one hour on and empty stomach.I did have a problem the medicine was too caused me to slow down.I changed doctors and they said it was too high.put me on a lower pill and I began to feel like my old self.So if you don't feel right get him to change the pill or you change doctors.

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