Coldwater Creek out of business

violetwestJune 15, 2014

Coldwater Creek's "gone out." Bankrupt. I'm bummed.

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I hadn't noticed, but now that you mention it I have not gotten their catalogs in a while. It's a shame, they had nice things.

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I noticed the local store at the mall was closing. No loss for me. I bought a few things there but never really liked them for some reason. They looked good in the store but not on my body. Not sure why that wasn't apparent when I bought the stuff.

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Nice looking clothes, but terribly overpriced, IMO. Still, sad to see them go OOB.

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My friend recently bought several items from the one near us. Buyer bewared: they can't be returned, as she realized too late.

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I noticed our local CC was closed last week while out shopping with DD. I hadn't heard that it was going under and just thought it had not done well because of all the competition in the same shopping center with it: Talbots, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, White House Black Market, Chicos, J Jill, Michael Kohrs, etc.

I've shopped CC in the past, but in the past couple of years have found better options at Talbots (my fav), J Jill, Ann Taylor and WHBM. Still, I feel badly for all the people who lost their jobs when CC went under.

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Never liked their clothes. Everything looked like it was meant for wearing to a square dance. I still do best at the dept stores. like Bloomies and L&T, occasionally Nordstrom.

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I had heard this. I didn't shop there. Several years ago I thought they had some nice, up-to-date items, but in recent years I thought they had become rather matronly.


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Website prices are now 50-70% off, no returns.

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I just popped over to their online site and I have to agree with Tina, the majority of their clothes look very matronly . . . and many were just flat-out ugly. IMO, their buyers ran them into this bankruptcy by stocking clothes like that! I found a darling pair of white. slim-leg jeans I liked just now, but they only were available in size 24! I gave up trying to find a bargain, as it looked like anything cute and stylish was sold out long ago in size 10.

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Everything on their site (in my size) now reminds me of something my grandmother would have worn in the 1970s. Ugh. They used to have some cute items in their catalogs, but I haven't bought from them in ages. I do recall that I always seemed to have an issue with their sizing. Can't say I'm sorry to see them go, as they're really but a distant memory for me nowadays.

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Overpriced frumpy,, no wonder they are out! AND I am old but there clothes are too old even for me. Better frumpy at Macys Karen Scott, etc. for a lot less.

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Wow, I just took a look and I agree that it is very frumpy. This isn't the Coldwater Creek that I remember from the catalogs that I used to get several years ago. Back then it was casual with a western vibe and looked very nice. What happened?

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I have to say I wasn't at all surprised when I learned they were closing. Though CC was never my first choice of stores to shop, I used to enjoy popping in occasionally to look and occasionally purchase. In recent years, however, I've only gone in a few times and would make my exit in short order.

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Dedtired, LOL. I agree. I don't think I ever set foot in a store, but then I am not a mall-goer. For some reason I got their catalogues from time to time, which made me think someone had put me on an AARP list as a prank. Most of their stuff looked shapeless to me. Sounds like the morphed into something that just isn't popular.

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You're right Lucystar~
That's not the Coldwater Creek of the past that I remember either.
I've never been to the stores but the catalog always came with a coupon :)
I wonder who they will sell that mailing list to ?

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Actually, I got a mass e-mail from the company a few days ago, stating that they were bought by the parent company of Talbot's. I got the impression that they will eventually come back in catalog form, only. I did buy from them on occasion, but agree that their styles had changed drastically, in recent years, for the worse.

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hmm, kind of surprised at the comments. I used to really like their clothes, although admittedly I hadn't bought from them in a couple of years.

They did great skirts -- skirts can be hard to find, and I thought many of their clothes were really pretty and unique. Mostly made for taller people, though! I have a floaty, reversible skirt from them that I love.

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