Caffeine and depression

jennFebruary 19, 2006

I've read that caffeine withdrawal includes depression. I've noticed that every time I stop drinking caffeinated coffee, I feel very depressed even after all the withdrawal symptoms have passed (headache, extreme fatigue, etc.). Even if I don't drink it for a while, I feel a very noticable perk in my mood when I drink a cup one morning.

I don't want to rely on caffeine to feel good and think clearly, but I can't stand feeling this way either.

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How long since you discontinued coffee? I know that it is common to have a headache if a person misses that usual morning coffee.

Have you considered a compromise? Maybe just 1 cup in the morning?

I discontinued coffee about 4 months ago. Now I just drink decaf. I missed the boost in the mornings, but not any more. Starbucks has a really good decaf...Komodo Dragon.

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P.S. I thought of something else. I was told by a dr. that there is possibly some connection between caffeine and bone loss (see link below). Make sure you are getting enough calcium. This is why I stopped coffee and switched to decaf. Don't know if there is a connection, but decaf is working pretty well for me now.

Here is a link that might be useful: caffeine and bone loss

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I tapered off so gradually I didn't have much of a headache but I did feel very tired for a day or two. My withdrawal symptoms are quite severe if I quit cold turkey. I would like to have 1 cup every morning but even that little bit makes me feel just enough anxiety to be uncomfortable, and if I miss one morning then I have to suffer through the withdrawal symptoms so that means it has to be there wherever I am (on vacation, in a meeting, at work, at home, at someone else's home, etc.)

Thank you for the interesting article. I sent it to my mom who has osteoporosis and enjoys her morning coffee every day. :-)


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As w/ any other bad habit, drug or alchol use ect... one must taper off gradually to avoid withdrawl simptoms.

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I am not a doctor, just sharing my personal experience as I have had depressions and anxiety for sometime. The best way to get over anxiety and depression is to take a break from your regular schedule, go out, and take good sleep. This helps in clearing the mind and try consulting a specialist who can suggest you as how you can get over your problem. There are various prescription drugs to get over anxiety and depression, but these should only be used in accordance with the instruction of a physician and going on anti depressants should be the last option. Rather than going on drugs, one should look for the reason behind there problem . Keeping your self busy and changing the schedule also helps sometimes to get over stress and depression.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buy Xanax

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