Maggie4February 20, 2006

I don't know where to post this but.. I'll do it here. Hope I don't get chewed out for going to the wrong place.

Does anyone put CD's on their computer? I do because I like to listen to them while I'm on line. I just bought a new one by Il Divo . If you watch American Idol with Simon Cowell this is his discovery. Just thought I'd pass it on. I think it is very relaxing and "WOW" can these guys sing. (In my opinion) What music to you like?

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maggie, excellent topic; I've been meaning to listen to Il Divo and see if I like them, they are popular.

I have an ITunes Library; I like to buy music there, it's so easy. Does anyone else do this ?

I have varied taste in music, from classic to jazz to Gwen Stefani; a good tune is a good tune.

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I'm not chewing anybody out, but FYI there is a music forum (you have to scroll wayyyy down the Home Forums page to find it).

I sometimes listen to CD's while net surfing. I just subscribed to Napster and find it uses a lot of bandwidth, but it has a half-decent selection and is compatible with a few different models of MP3 player. Not sure if I will subscribe for a second month.

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb music forum

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k, a little off topic never hurt anybody; I am personally wondering how this forum is different than the electronics forum.

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i barely use my stereo anymore for music, i keep 90% of my songs on my computer. i find it's easier to manage, i can queue up whatever i want to listen to (as opposed to randomly playing 5 cd's at a time, which is what my home stereo cd player limits me to)

my tastes in music are quite eclectic (drives my DH nuts!!) i enjoy most country music, but i also like Akon (hip hop r&b), nickelback, matchbox 20, oldies and my all time favorite Meatloaf!!

i'm looking forward to the time when i can have my computer manage all of my home entertainment needs, not just my music. for television needs, we currently have a tivo series 2 which can be networked to a computer (but i have no clue how to do it), and in our living room we have comcast digital hdtv cable box with the built in dvr. i'm sure there's a way for me to consolidate, but my brain hasn't yet caught up to the technology! so for now, i will limit myself to just keeping my music on the computer for easy accessibility.

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Thanks krustytopp for the info. I guess I didn't look that far. I just figured my music is in Home Entertainment. thanks,

My computer is on all day anyway and my poor stereo is becoming obsolete. The quality isn't bad on the computer.
Makes the day go faster.

Have a great day.

Thanks for the info.

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My computer is only the go-between. I upload all my CD's to the computer via Itunes and then download them onto my I-Pod... I don't leave them on the computer though. Why take up space? I have a good backup: the CD itself! It's one great tiny little mega cd-changer and I hook it up to my stereo when I'm not jogging. (there's an adapter for the car, but there's plenty in the car to be entertained with)..

The quality of the Cd's is great, much better than the I-tune song quality..

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With 2 cars with CD players, main floor stereo, kids rooms...., I got sick of keeping track of where a CD was/or the cover.

So, all of my music is in iTunes, 7916 songs to date. Most of my time is spent in the office, so I listen with the speakers there. I also use the Roku device and access the iTunes library wirelessly, this is hooked up to my main stereo, with an option for the outdoor speakers to be used. If we are at the pool, I bring my iPod out there and plug into that stereo.

Next house will use the Russound whole house system, the music will be everywhere !

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I have a very good set of Altec Lansing desk tops, with a subwoofer you can feel, so I listen to
music when IÂm working at the computer. I listen through Rhapsody, and my own music which I
ripped from my CDÂs, and I have an 8Gig Mp3 player that I carry everywhere. I became
concerned about all the music on my hard drive, and decided to try saving it to a DVD in mp3
form a DVD holds a lot of mp3's, This is my backup. I have two very good Stereo systems in my
house. One in the bed room, with a set of Altec Lansing bookshelf speakers, and one in our large
music room connected to a pair of Advents that I bought back in the eighties, they fill that big
room with excellent sound.

I hardly ever listen to my CDÂs except when I rip them and load them to my mp3 player. I
connect this to my amps to listen to my music.

I just bought an amplified speaker system called IFI made by Klipsch. They run for about
$400.00, but I found a set at one of the wholesale clubs for $200.00. I could not let that go by.
These are now mounted in my kitchen where I spend a good deal of my time. I had been
listening to my mp3's in the kitchen on a set of desktop speakers that came with my computer,
they did a good job of filling the corner on the counter, but these Klipschs fill the entire kitchen,
and than some. They have an RF remote so you can control them from another room. They are
worth $400.00.

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