Blood work - low rbc

sas3girlsFebruary 4, 2012

I had routine blood work done. When I received my results I was told my rbc was low, and borderline vitamin d deficient. I was told to take my multivitamin with D3 2000 iu. I was told the low rbc count was nothing to worry about. Is this true? And, what causes only the rbc to be low? I was told they look at the clotting and it was within normal limits. I had went to the dr because my pulse had been high & I had been having chest pains. I was given a holter monitor for 24hrs and results were ok not great but ok. I also have a murmur from MVP and tricuspid regurgitation. I was put on a low dose of toporol. I'm now concerned that is anemia that is causing chest pains and rapid pulse. For anemia does anything besides low rbc need to show?

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You must ask your doctor about this.

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I agree... ask your doctor. A lot depends on your age, gender (are you having heavy periods?) diet, just about anything you could name. this is not something that you want posters that don't know you guessing about.

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