FM Band Rejection Filter

mxyplxFebruary 16, 2009

We have FM radio interference (FM 104.3) on our TV. Have had for years. With the Analog TV it was only visual. With the Digital Ready TV it is both visual and audio. Really loud crackling. I can sometimes hear/understand the radio voices on local Analog Channel 38. I believe it is also partially blanketing the digital signal some days but not others.

We are in a relatively weak signal area except for one Digital station that comes in strong enough that no interference is seen/heard.

I'm thinking of trying an FM Band Rejection Filter in the antenna curcuit. Anybody tried these under this condition? Would it further reduce our already weak TV signal? Or does the TV signal pass thru untouched?

If I installed a TV signal booster that would almost certainly boost the FM signal too; therefore requiring the Rejection Filter. Right?

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Most signal amplifiers have FM rejection traps built into them. Depending on where you are, you may benefit from a preamplifier, and most of those, too, have a rejection trap installed. If you give us your zip code, we can zero in on your specific issue and give you better advice.

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