Upper arm pain

CassandraFebruary 23, 2007

Does anyone have experience with upper arm pain? Could this be arthritis? The pain seems to be in the upper arm muscles and not necessarily the rotator cuff (although I assume they are all related). This is not injury related as both arms have it, one more than the other. It is the kind of pain that makes me wince when I put an arm behind me to take something out of a back pocket. Or when I put on a shirt or coat. It aches sometimes in a dull way at night. I'm 50, in otherwise great health.

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It sounds like it could be frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), although I've never heard of having it in both arms at the same time. I first had it in my left arm and about 2 years later I got it in my right (in fact my right arm still isn't completely back to normal).

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It may be that you have a little arthritis in your upper spine. When you pull your arms back, the inflamed area rubs against the nerves leading down into your arms.

It would be worth a visit to your physician. He would probably order X-rays to see the condition of the vertebrae in that area.

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Thanks for the answer. The aching doesn't seem much better so I think I will visit the doctor. I'm trying to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden--and in both arms. I have noted over the years, as I get older, that I can get a pain or ache somewhere for weeks or even months, and just when I start to get worried about it and decide to see the doctor, it disappears. One thing that is keeping me from fully assessing the situation right now is the fact that it is snowing like crazy around here lately and I have to shovel every few days. I assume this might be contributing to the ongoing ache (although it started earlier this winter).

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Hi marita,
I have fibromyalgia, and have also gone through perimenopause at the same time. I had alot of various roving pains that would come and go. They would be very intense, but eventually leave. I think alot of us get tons of pains when we start through menopause.
Do you do anything repetitive with your arms? I remember when my kids were young and I had to keep reaching into the backseat to deal with them, and I developed really sore shoulders and upper arms.
Have you had a shot in your upper arm recently?
My fibro also began with intensely sore upper arms.
I would still see the doctor to rule out an obvious injury, but while you're there, maybe the doc could have you get a few physical therapy sessions that focus on that area. Gentle stretching of certain areas can help them alot. How about a heating pad and tylenol or ibuprofen, when the pain is at its worse?
Good luck!

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catherinet, thanks for your answer. I'm not officially menopausal yet but I can relate to the "roving" pains! I hear alot about fibromyalgia, but don't really understand it. If possible, can you give me a description? And what is generally prescribed to help? BTW, I do Pilates which does work the arm muscles. But I've done it off and on for years without pain. Besides this, I really don't do anything repetitive that uses the upper arm muscles. I've been assuming I stretched the muscles too severely and that careful and moderate daily exercise would eventually strengthen them and lessen the pain, but this doesn't appear to be the case. So I don't know at this point whether to continue a daily routine of arm exercises or stop altogether. Anyway--yes I do know the answer, see the doctor! And I will (as soon as I dig the car out from the whomp of snow we got this weekend!)

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Hi marita,
My fibromyalgia started about the same time as my perimenopause, but seemed to be in part caused by a horrible flu and pneumonia I had. I just never regained all my energy back. Then I began having GI problems, which were diagnosed as IBS. Then I got a flu shot in my arm that really hurt, and the pain slowly moved up my arm, to my shoulder, neck, chest. Then my hips got so stiff I could hardly turn over in bed. Then all my muscles and joints hurt off and on. I also developed sleep problems, thinking problems, migraines and overwhelming fatigue. What fun all this was!
I went to a rheumatologist and she pressed on various areas of my body, asking if they hurt, and they all did.......which is supposedly what happens in fibro.
Unfortunately, there's no set treatment for fibro. You sort of have to custom-make one for yourself. What seems to work for alot of people is: antidepressants (not because you're depressed......they just seem to help with pain, sleep, etc.); gentle exercising, cutting back on sugar and other carbs, good sleep hygiene, water aerobics, certain pain meds, lowering your stress, etc.
Unfortunately, many times its trial and error in finding what works best for you.
Caffeine makes my muscles hurt more......but I need it to have a little energy. Sometimes you have to compromise certain things.
They say fibromyalgia is a condition of exclusion.....meaning you can test for other diseases and rule them out.......like M.S., lupus, etc. There is no test yet for fibro.
Arthritis is also something that many of us have to learn to deal with. :(
I'm almost hoping there's something specific wrong with your arm that they can fix! You don't want fibromyalgia!

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Thanks catherinet, that is helpful.

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I have had fibro since my 2nd child was born 35 years ago. Most of the pain had been in my legs and collar bone, but now it is most severe in my upper arms.

Catherine is quite correct that everyone has to find their own path to walk with this, though most people I know with fibro are allergic to wheat and quite a few to dairy as well.

A year ago I finally saw a specialist (rheumatologist) She isn't sure if what I have is fibro or lupus. There is no definitive test for lupus either. I don't know about MS. The best thing she gave me was a muscle relaxant to take before bed. After years and years to very little sleep due to painful muscle cramps, I am able to sleep. I am also able to do much more exercise because I have more energy and because I know that even if I do strain my muscles, I can get some relief. Oddly, the muscle relaxant doesn't seem to do a thing for my arms, but they only hurt if touched.

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Hi, I have the exact symptoms as marita40. Both arms have dull pain in the muscles. One much less severe than the other. It happens when I reach up, as getting something out of the cupboard or putting on sweater or coat. It just suddenly came on the scene.

I've had it before though -- about 3 years ago and it lasted a couple of months. It almost feels like I have a cold in my arm. I used a heat lamp last time around and found some relief.

I, too, am wondering if this is some sort of arthritis?

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I have had "Frozen Shoulder" in both arms. Not at the same time. One was about 3 years ago and the other started last summer. My pain was just as you guys have described, reaching for something, trying to put your arm behing you to scratch your back and then when you do sudden short movements. Its like you hit your elbow and the pain just hangs on.

If you do a Google search there is an article that MSNBC had about three or four months ago that describe it. Frozen Shoulders happen to women in the age bracket of 45 -60 and may or not be brought on by an injury or overuse of the shoulder in a repeated movement. My first one was just after I had cleaned by hand the sofet around my entire house. The second one had no trauma except that I tended to use it more when the first one was frozen. The article suggests that they think it might be hormonal related but I had a hysterectomy when I was 36 in 1986. However, I just had gone off RHT about the same time.

There are three phases to Frozen Shoulder. First you have the pain, occasional at first and progressively gets worse, then the pain seems to ease off, the suddenly, you find your range of motion is limited. By that time it is too late to just get a shot of Cortisone.

I ended up having a Shoulder Manipulation done each time. The last one was just March 4. I had 8 sessions of PT afterwards and at my follow-up the doctor was pleased with my range of motion. It isn't 100% either vertical or behind but it is better. I have excerises to do daily and I can tell the difference after I do them. I can actually touch my fingers together behind my back AFTER I do them. In the morning it still aches in the joint but that too goes away after I move it around.

Check out the article. It is interesting. PT doesn't help once it is frozen, it just aggravates the situation. The adhesions have to be broken.

BTW, the pain doesn't have to be in the joint. It actually can be more in the tricep or bicep. Even my breast hurt the first time. This last time, I had neck pain as well. The doctor said that I was using neck muscles instead of my should muscles. Makes sense.

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I'm glad someone revived this thread! I'm the original poster, and I realized I posted about the pain just about a year ago. I'm happy to report that it went away, completely, on its own. I think I had it for 3-4 months, but I haven't thought about it for a long time. No idea what it was!

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I have the exact symptoms as marita40. But in my case when I use my arms to hold object high, the triceps ache. Also they seem to fatigue easily, when I go fishing my right arm triceps begins to ache from casting and my left arm triceps begins to ache from reeling in the line. This all started suddenly, woke up one morning with the pain. There was no accident, no strenious exercise. It's been four to five months now.

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I have these exact symptoms! It hurts to put on a coat, and to reach up and behind me. The pain is in both upper arms, usually on the back side. I have been thinking I am crazy! Couldn't find anything about it. I will immediately look up Frozen Shoulder! Thank you all for posting!

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Me again--the OP. two years later! I had to do a double take when I saw I was the orginal poster because I've completely forgotten about that extended period of arm pain. I was really worried at the time that it was the beginning of arthritis or something worse, but as I stated in my other post above it finally went away and has never returned.

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I found this by googling upper arm pain. I have the same thing. Came on suddenly. It's worse in the right shoulder. I can't move my arm around my back as much with my right arm, but can move it a little better around my back with my left arm. Hurts worse to raise my arms out to the sides. Can't lift anything that way & can't raise my arms very well up in the air without terrible pain. Even hurts to drive with the steering wheel.
I had a frozen shoulder in 2000 in my right shoulder & it felt the same, only I caused it by reaching to the back seat of my car to retrive something. Felt a bad pull at that time. Did shots, PT & had to stop after 2 weeks because it felt worse. It went away after 2 years.
This is the same pain, only in both upper arms & with no good reason.
I'm thinking it can be from the Crestor I was taking since it's in both arms and started at the same time. It's been known to cause muscle pain.(although it feels like it's in the tendons). Stopped taking it in January & am still in pain. Hope it gets better.

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Just thought I'd mention I had something similar. I worried me for the better part of the year, but I couldn't justify a doctor's visit. Then, months later, it disappeared and hasn't returned. Never figured it out.

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I posted a year or two ago also. At that time the muscle relaxants I was using allowed me to live a more or less normal life. They aren't working for me anymore.

Recently my pain has gotten much worse and it is very hard for me to recover from exercise. My Crestor was doubled about the time the pain became so much worse, so I am left wondering if that is the source of my increased pain. I am going to see what happens if I don't use it for a couple of days.

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I too have upper right arm pain. It is by my triceps area. I have had it for about two months now. The pain is like a spasm when I reach for something sideways with my right arm or have to put on my bra and fasten it in the back. My other arm is normal. I have not had any injuries. I cannot figure out why the pain and limited range of motion is there. The pain is there mainly at night. It is a dull achiness. I have been using a menthal lotion on it at night. It seems to help long enough for me to go to sleep, but it is always there when I awaken. The menthal lotion is one that gives you a hot sensation and then a cold sensation. It is one of the strongest menthal lotions out. I think it is 7%.I also take an advil. The drawback to the lotion is the menthal smell! Yuck!! Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it not hurt or what it is, please tell us! It is almost enough pain to wish that your arm was not there!

Here is a link that might be useful: That Home Site!

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Hi there!!!

My left arm is really in pain. My shoulder hurts, my muscles feel like they are in knots -- and worst of all my left hand is swollen badly. We don't have insurance. I don't want a cortisone injection because I don't know how it will react with my siezure meds. (Besides which I have read about terrible side affects)

Is there anyone out there who can give me a suggestion on how or what I should do???

Thanking you all in advance.

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laura3-"My left arm is really in pain. My shoulder hurts, my muscles feel like they are in knots -- and worst of all my left hand is swollen badly. We don't have insurance. I don't want a cortisone injection because I don't know how it will react with my siezure meds. (Besides which I have read about terrible side affects)

Is there anyone out there who can give me a suggestion on how or what I should do???"

First of all, could this have happened from a seizure, exercise, an accident or a repetitive (work related) action?

I am not a doctor but I know people with many health issues. One of my friends was diagnosed with DVT (deep vein thrombosis) last year. I do not want to scare you, but the fact that you mention a badly swollen hand WITHOUT mentioning how it became swollen makes me want to suggest that you read up about DVT to rule this possibility out. Doctors consider this a serious condition.

Here is an excerpt from one of the articles below: "When suffering from deep vein blood clots of the upper extremities, the patient will first notice a large degree of swelling with some pain and loss of range of motion in the arm affected. While the pain and swelling may come and go, often the deep vein thrombosis will not heal on its own and will require the assistance of medical attention."

Some hospitals (and physicians offices) will negotiate costs or offer reduced costs to people who are self-pay and ask about it.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how your doing.

Links that may be useful:

Deep Vein Thrombosis of the Arms




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Hi there!!!

Just an up-date for you; I do not have DVT in my left arm but I do have it in my left leg (in short --- my left side is a mess and currently am non-functional on my left side for all intents and purposes).

I had had quite enough of a swollen left hand so I went to a specialist who seems to think that the swelling and such is due to nerve trauma in my arm.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi I have pain in my left arm for more than 3 months.Visited the doctor,this monday had an injection.But my left upper arm still in excruciating pain when my back shoulder blade or elbow or hands were hit against and object.I wander is it normal to have this kind of pain for frozen shoulder.For example when my elbow was hit accidently against the coffee table,immediately my upper arm in pain,i felt like my skin was torn apart or someone has poured acid on my wounded skin.The pain usually last for 30 seconds.I am worry it might be more than a frozen shoulder.Please tell me am worrying too much.Am still waiting for physiotherapist to make an appointment.It has been 3 weeks still havent heard from them.So Should i get an arm support bandage to support my arm or should I just wait?

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Pain sounds very similiar to what I had with frozen shoulder. You might want to try to google Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method by Aaron Mattes. the excerises gave me more relief from the pain than did any of the PT excerises I was given to do. I did end up having manipulations done on each shoulder and now have 100% range of motion on both shoulders.

Maybe you can find a PT therapist who knows this method. It focuses on each part of the muscle stretching in isolation. Simply moving the position of the wrist changes the part you are stretching.

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I still suffer with mine. They say its frozen shoulder, it's been about 10 months for me. Nothing has helped so far.

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My niece makes a good herbal linament oil that I have used for many years for sore, achy muscles. It's called Hope's Peppermint Massage Oil.. You might give it a try. I think she sells it on Etsy and Ebay.

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THANKS! You are all very helpful. For the past two days I have been affected by what seems to be this "Frozen Shoulder". Gets worse in the afternoon, and this morning's warm shower seemed to help a bit. Right now I am in a LOT of pain (and I have a high tolerance). Hard to concentrate on anything else. I'll do some of your homeopathy this weekend and THEN call the doc if I need to.

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I had frozen shoulder in left arm over a year ago. I woke up and in pain. I did nothing that would cause it either. Now my right arm. Bicep hurts like heck when I lift my arm. It's been 4 months now and I've had 10 PT sessions. I have range of motion now but I'm still have deep pain. It feels like if you have a tooth ache but in the bicep and little in the upper shoulder. I go back to see the doctor in 2 weeks but I cannot sleep. It doesn't hurt to lay on it now either.

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Rheumatiod arthritis is what simvastatin poisoning left me with for four years now, i have all of these symptoms you all speak of, which seem to be triggered by these cholesterol reducing meds. Upper arm pain can also be bursitis, caused by the rheumatoid like ,myalgia like disease, I have been to a reumatologist monthly for three years and there's no relief,only more pain.let's ask the makers of simvastatin or astra zeneca WHAT IS THE ANTIDOTE ????? They can make more money selling a cure for the syndromes they manifested.

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Lera and others with frozen shoulder......
I've had mine a year now, its getting better I think, but I did find something that is helping.

I bought some 2 & 3 Lb hand weights. I am working my arms with them. In less then 2 days I was able to bring the weights higher & higher. I believe this is the answer, doing the wall exercises never did much for me but I sure can tell a difference with the weights.
Just lift them from the side trying to go over your head and see for yourself if it does any good for you.
If you don't have a weights gets some filled water bottles & use them.

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I Like this very interesting facts...

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Hello, I have had this weird pain for about 4 months now, Doctor said it may be fibromyalgia. I started on cymbalta which helps but the pain in worse at night. I use an awesome cream that works wonders not only to fall asleep but to stay asleep. And I use it through the day as well. Its an all natural cream that soaks in doesn't leave smell or grease.I liked it so much I became a distributor. Try it you'll love it and a little goes a long way. www.mysisel.com/usa6141048

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i have this currently now for the last 4 months, xrays revealed arthritis in the c5-c7 area of neck and also scoliosis, my arms are sore right down to my hands and at ti,es my hands especial the right one will have pins and needles, i say get an x-ray done to reveal the extent of your pain

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My right arm pain bothered me for two years. It wakes me up at 3 or 4 o'clock every morning. I couldn't handle a fishing pole. Visited many doctors, massage and accuponcture twice a week, 24hours fitness twice a week, none this these helps. Last year, one of my friends (47) told me he had the same problem and completely cured by a chinese doctor in China. Finally I decided to go there this past March, the result is amazing! Just in half an hour, 4 niddles and 4 bondages, the doctor fixed my two-year long arm pain. The next day I can swing a fishing pole. The problem is that you have to travel to China to have a forced vacation. joeyue@hotmail.com

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I amd 72 and my upper arm pains seem to have started since i was put on epilim for two noctunal fits i had I really think it is arthritis as I had a scan for osteoporosis some years ago tink the evercise migh be about the best thing for people

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iam 54 year old female about 4 weeks ago i started to get this pain in the muscles of myleft upper arm i went to the doctors and said it was tendinitis and gave me flexril which did not work the pain keeps getting worse especially when i try to sleep on it or try to reach behind me i see stars now i noticed i get pain in my shoulder and neck bone but the pain is not as bad as it is in the upper arm went back to the doctor and he gave me a cortazone shot which did nothing my question can tendinitis effect the upper arm without really affecting the shoulder that bad

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I have had pain in what appears to be my right shoulder joint for a long time now. The pain is also in the muscle whereby it feels as though the muscle is mushy--sooo painful. Haven't been to a Dr. because you tell them your arm hurts, and, by the way, now it's both; what will he/she do but start testing and testing. Well what? Shot, pain pills make me sick or allergy, exercise--good or bad results. What is the best thing to do since pain cannot be measured--not really--come on--0 to 10. I have high tolerance for pain, but this pain has brought me to my knees. I used to take cholesterol meds, and I realized they were crippling me in my knees, especially. I quit about 7 or 8 kinds. Finally cardiologist said please take
Crestor every other day. So I agreed, but now I take it occasionally. Has it damaged my arms??? I have nothing to ease this pain. Ice helps somewhat better than anything while it's on. Frozen shoulder, I doubt it. I had heard there is a test for Fibromyalgia, I think lab test.

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I began having serious pain in my upper arms during a time I was working long hours at work, mostly at my computer. It was so painful I would have a hard time sleeping on my side at night. Holding a 2 pound weight with my arm at my side, I could not lift my arm away from my body any higher than about 45 degrees.

Then, I had a work assignment that took me out of my office and away from my computer for three weeks, and the upper arm pain all but disappeared. When I went back to work in my office, the pain rapidly reappeared. I talked to our Human Resources department. They checked my office chair which had been replaced not long before the pain started and said that my armrests were way too high, so they lowered them. Within another two weeks, my arm pain was gone entirely and never returned.

Don't know why my right upper arm didn't hurt, but lowering those armrests fixed the pain almost immediately.

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I have had this pain now for over 6 months. It started in the right arm in the middle of the forarm and ran down the top of the arm to the thumb and index finger. This is not in the shoulder area. It is now starting in the left arm in the same place. I have seen several Drs. and have had several test done and they can not find anything. The Neuro. said it was just another step in the firbro.

My pain is worse at night and I am loosing strength in the right hand. I have droped several things because the hand just gives away.

I have been using DMSO on my arms at night and it does help with the pain some.

I am so tired of be stuck, shocked, and probed, and still they can't stop the pain or tell me what this is. I hope it will go away just as it came. just out of the clear blue.

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Many years ago I took Lipitor to lower cholesterol. It almost crippled me in my joints, mostly knees. I didn't take any other statin until a cardiologist pushed me to take Crestor about a year ago. Approximately two weeks into taking Crestor, my upper arm muscles became very tender and I started having muscle spasms all over my body. I stopped the meds immediately, but here I am a year plus later and I am still miserable with the upper arms situation. Now my left hand is also going numb. A neurologist has done testing, but no diagnosis has been made. I hope at some time to discover from reading these posts that someone has discovered why we have so much pain in our upper arms.

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What we are all feeling is inflammation. Inflammation caused by consuming GLUTEN. We have over many years become intolerant of gluten. So much so that our bodies have an immunologic reaction that begins in our guts. STAY AWAY FROM GLUTEN. I promise you will begin to feel better. I have a positive ANA because of years of ignoring my body telling me with little aches, rashes, hair loss, depression, brain fog, aches and pains, profuse fatigue, etc. Finally when I couldn't figure out why I was having all these symptoms as a seemingly healthy active women my Dr finally did some blood work...my body had been so overwhelmed with gluten sensitivities that I had forced my immune system to react and create a wild fire of inflammation. Your doctors will only give you pain meds for the symptoms but removing all gluten from your life is the only way to fix what we have done to ourselves.This discussion is both simple and very complicated. Only people who are committed to healing themselves will seek answers to this problem. There is tons of information to confirm this...I hope this helps good luck to you all...

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Wow, reading all these comments has given me some consolation...I'm not alone. About eight years ago, I began having a dull ache in my right leg/arm...but I thought it was just because I always sat/leaned on my right side every night while reading the bible. So, I switched over to the left and the pain dissipated for a few years. But about two years ago, I began to feel a more intense dull ache but this time it was on the left side of my leg and arm. It was mostly felt when seated and leaning forward. A doctor told me it could be degenerative disc disease. I was happy that it was not a symptom of a stroke! :) But about two months ago, it progressed into something more severe...much the way the other posts here have described. There is a striking pain in the upper arm leading down the triceps if I lift it outward, upward or even backward behind my back. If it gets bumped, I am in excruciating pain. I'm going to check out what "Frozen Shoulder" is. I'm 48 and have signs of perimenopause. So, hopefully, this is just a temporary and related situation. Thank you to all who have taken the time to share their situations and especially to the lady who first began this posting. The advice has been so encouraging....am going to take Jo's advice and check into the effects of Gluten and possibly remove this from my diet and see what happens. It's good to know we are not alone in these things. God bless all here and Lord heal you all completely and quickly.

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several months ago, had a pneumonia shot in one arm and a flu shot in the other. the pneumonia arm had me up all night, the upper arm. several nights in fact. now the pain jumps from one arm to another, usually waking me sometime during the night. stopped yoga, but keep very active because it hurts worse relaxing. very frustrating. chiropractor adjustments made no difference. i don't take pain medication, and am just trying to adapt; am also looking into different vitamins. and will read these posts and take suggestions from all of you with the same issues! thanks

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Thank you for all the information. You wouldnt believe this but my husband got his upper arm pain months ago in his right arm and it's just as described he cant put his hand into his shirt without severe pain and at nights it's worst.I on the other hand just got this pain about a month ago in my left arm, I am grateful it's not my right arm, out of the blue I did nothing to strain or damage but the pain is the same as his I cant put my arms to scratch my back or hook my bra without pain and it's getting worst. I am going to the doctor after I try some things that others told me about. My husband went to doctor did an Xray and still couldnt be told what his problem is.So I will let you all know if I get any good results. God blessings to you all.

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I have had upper rt arm pain for several weeks now..it seems that it's connected to fibroid problem since I've had other fibro symptoms..Following a prayer this morning, I found some great info on healing this type of arm pain. Supplement with 200-400mcg selenium (at 600mcg it becomes toxic), lots of B6 and B12. My sister also took Garden of Life FYI Iltra and her pain was gone practically gone within a week. It contains selenium also,so be mindful of the 600mcg toxicity. I'll pray for you all,too!

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As my name implies, I play Sr. Softball in a 55 and 65 age group. Lately, I have been getting pain in my upper arm when I hit the ball ( right handed hitter). When I use a golf swing to hit the ball, I experience much less pain .

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I've had upper arm pain in both arms on-and-off for years. It started pre-menopausal. I found that heat helped so have used hot-water bottles and Ibuprofen...helps temporarily only. I do get repreves in the summer heat but, just in the past 2 weeks, the rains and storms have started again and so has the pain. I almost feel that it is barimetrically related. My grandmother used to say she could tell when a storm was coming by how her joints felt. Mine isn't in my joints but in the muscle and almost feels like there's poor bloodflow. So my husband and I have just retired and we're going to spend our winters in Arizona (for medicinal purposes...as they say). It's dry and warm...just what I need.

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Hello everyone my name is Michelle ,i am 50 and live in Australia and for the past 6 months i have been in terrible pain from frozen shoulder as well ,i get upper left arm muscle cramping and cant do things like lift my arm to high ,do up or undo my bra and sometimes getting a shirt on is a nightmare ,so painful.have been checked for any other abnormalities (such as cancer and such ,nothing thankfully) i have been to several doctors who tell me its all muscular and to take pain killers and rub a heat cream onto my left upper arm and shoulder where the pain is ,it gives me a little relief and at night i am woken with the pain.

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I can't believe the OP's name is not only the same as mine, but she was also the same age when she posted as I am (turning 50 in February). This pain is driving me NUTS. It's mostly in my upper left arm and hurts really bad when I accidentally move my arm outward too fast, or reaching above my head or behind my back. OUCH!!! Winter is coming and I have to be able to shovel snow, this is really scary. For the first time in my life I saw a chiro on Monday. He doesn't think it's a pinched nerve, he mentioned sublaxated shoulder perhaps. I have another appt. tomorrow, but my insurance doesn't cover chiro treatment, and I just can't afford to do this for an extended period of time. I read on Dr. Mercola's site that a chiropractor is the best choice for chronic neck pain, so I chose to go that route (I do have some pain in my neck as well and sometimes in my collar area). Maybe I should've gone the PT route instead, at least my insurance will cover that, and I might get some exercises to do at home. I'm having a hard time sleeping, too, because I can't get comfortable lying on my side. If I lie on my right side, my left arm has to rest on my hips, otherwise it hurts. Lying on my left side hurts, lying on my belly hurts my lower back, so I'm stuck sleeping on my back, my least favorite sleep position. Life really isn't easy these days, considering the fact that I'm having perimenopausal symptoms, too, and I'm not talking about hot flashes, either. Sorry for the rant, it was good to read that I'm not the only one suffering with this awful upper arm / shoulder / neck pain....
Thanks for listening if you made it this far....;-)


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Hi, I have this same kind of arm pain in both arms for 11 months now and my doctors think I am crazy. My observation is it seems like a lot of posters on this discussion are women of menopausal/perimenopausal age. Perhaps I can get some feedback on this. Let me know if this is you or if you don't fit this description. Firstly, I too am a women 45 years old, perimenopausal.

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ps my pain is an intense shooting stabbing pain if i stretch to reach something above my head or to scratch my back or if I am startled and my reflexes make me 'jump'. Pain is also a dull ache or a throbbing pain at rest or going to sleep.

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I had this problem so bad in both arms that I couldn't sleep and had to lay with my arms straight out. Finally I realized it was due to me using my cell phone. For hours I would lay in bed with my arms bent at the elbows playing a game on my phone, texting, etc.... Once I stop the pain gradually started going away. I'm happy to report that I had my first night's sleep with out the muscle pain!!!!!

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has anyone on here considered they might have bursitis?

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i have known somewhere that upper arm can be a symptom of heart problem.

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Hello all--I'm the OP and I'm surprised to see that this thread from 2007 is still active! Obviously, this upper arm pain is an issue with many people. Anyway--as I reported a few year's ago--the arm pain I had resolved itself over a long period of time (perhaps 8 months or so) and it went completely away. 6 years later, and I have had no upper arm pain at all since that time. No clue what it was, but funny to look back and remember! Hope all the posters to this thread find such relief.

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